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Can you PM me samples? Also, can I pay with crypto?
1. Premium Authority Profile Backlinks
2. Different Web2.0 Platform Backlinks
Bonus Links Available for Below Service
Premium Authority Profile Backlinks - 50 Links + 15 Bonus Links For 5$
Different Web2.0 Platform Backlinks - 25 Links + 10 Bonus Links For 5$
Got two PBN links on a mixed niche PBN general blog.

DA -38+, PA-18+

Content is good and niche relevant.
Websites look nice with SSL and logos etc.
Seller was quick and polite.

Good PBN links for the money. Would make a nice part of a diverse backlink profile.
Got two PBN links on a mixed niche PBN general blog.

DA -38+, PA-18+

Content is good and niche relevant.
Websites look nice with SSL and logos etc.
Seller was quick and polite.

Good PBN links for the money. Would make a nice part of a diverse backlink profile.
Got two PBN links on a mixed niche PBN general blog.

DA -20+, PA-19+

Content & anchor matching with niche.

Websites have SSL + Logo & all other important pages.

The seller was quick and polite.

Overall good experience!
Got two PBN links on a mixed niche PBN general blog.

DA -20+, PA-19+

Content & anchor matching with niche.

Websites have SSL + Logo & all other important pages.

The seller was quick and polite.

Overall good experience!

Received a review copy, here's my honest Review:


The content was pretty decent, good english and related to the keyword despite being a weird one.
The website itself they looked good but there was a few signs of lack of effort into designing them, which likely means it will eventually get hit by a manual penalty. (Such as category, recent posts on sidebars, which is the default in wordpress)

The links had over 21+ DA as promised so that's good.
TAT was fast and followed my anchors perfectly.

I also looked on google and neither of the links were indexed yet after 2 days, however, I think that's fine since Google does take quite a while longer to index links unless they're very high authority sites.

Overall, it's good for the price.
Send the Sample please

Sample Please

What kind of metrics these backlinks will have?

sample needed please.
Good luck with your offer!

can i have a sample of ezine article (the article)
and niche guest post please

Samples please

give me sample please

Looks amazing! Samples please.

Great... PBN and Guest Post Sample please

I want to place 3 niche backlink order (but backlinks must come from 3 different domain) Niche - tech.

Just tried placing an order - how do I increase order count?


Samples of niche guest post and high traffic site please.
And do you use spun content on these ?

Samples for each service please and best of luck with the sales thread, I am sure you will get a lot of work.

:D I am just waiting for the 1st person to ask if there are any discounts or review copies :eek:

Samples for each please

The DA and PA for the PBN, guest post and tumblr seems to be a bit low, but i guess that is what you get for $5.

please send samples for PBN and guest post. thank you

send me guest post smples

Are they safe for money sites?

Samples for number 2,3,4 please.

Do you index all those links?
If yes, then I want to see samples.

Please DM me sample for 2 & 9

Samples pls

Could I see samples for each of the services please.

Receipt number - 2****517T***7205G

order placed and payment sent:- id xxxx2976

Send the Sample please

Send samples

Order placed
Transaction id: 5xxxxxxxx464U

Alright, may I see some samples if possible?

Can I see samples of web2 and wikis please?

Would you send me samples?

Receipt number: 7JC98068Lxxx9690R
order 1 x 25 WIKI BACKLINKS

Guest post samples please. thanks

sample pm and indexing included?

Is indexing included?

Can I see some samples? thanks

Send me samples


Interested send me samples!

Do I get a discount if I order all of the services?

Please send all samples so I can order.

order placed !
Transaction ID : XXXXX3605
waiting for the results !

Please send some samples. Thanks.

Just ordered services 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, and 7 to point at a press release page at the top of Google page 2 for an easy search term.

Let's see if they move it anywhere.

Actually the discount is already there, the fiverr fees :D
Send me some samples for few services

Please send me a Sample about your Services,Thank You.

please send samples for PBN and guest post.

some samples please

Received the web 2.0 report. Login details provided with the report and all web 2.0 usernames were different. Articles used were spun and unique, but keywords placement in it were not at all readable. But you can easily modify the article. At $5 it is ok. Thanks :)

order complete
Transaction ID : 0J227*****202115Y

I received a report about my order containing a mixed list of wiki / edu and gov links (gov only a few) along with the login username and password and I also got a 5 link bonus.

workmanship, fairly fast.
the seller is also easy to communicate with. thank you. next time will do the order again.
sorry for my bad english

order XXXX2566

I purchased 15 EDU/Gov backlinks service and for the price I paid I am satisfied with the service. About 70% of the links were no-follow and most of them were profile backlinks. Some were contexual backlinks but all of them were no-follow which I don't like. But for the price you paid service is overall good.

send me sample report of all services

Can the content on web 2.0s be translated before posting?

Sample Report Please.

Any samples for each service please

orders received ! fast resp seller & easy to communicate . services are good & recomended seller

Could you send samples specifically for either course or medical niche.

Please send samples.

Send me samples please

Samples & can I request a specific URL to be used on general pbn's (like boosting tier 1 links instead of linking back directly to the site)?

Samples please.

Please send a sample for each service. Thanks.

Do you offer any coupon code for bulk orders?
Btw: do your links index naturally on google?

Please send samples.

Can i please have an update on my order

Can you please send me the simple?

Feel fre to send a sample report! Thank you!

niche guest post sample health,tech and fashion

Hey, can I get a sample of each service.

I have not received anything in exchange for this review. I paid for my order.

I ordered one of each package it costed me approx $44.


  • I got 25 expired tumblr links and 15 edu/gov links - The links are still up after a few days which is a good sign
  • The PBN posts are legit - I have not checked the metrics but I assume they are average are just below average.
  • Ton's of web 2.0 and social profiles
  • No misspellings in keywords - everything was done to the T.


  • None for this pricepoint. You are receiving more quality than what you would expect.

Transaction ID


You have not replied to me. I have not ordered anything yet!

Ordered 1 guest post and 1 high traffic authority post. Transaction ID: last 4 digits 2813S

Ordered a lot of services, PP id last digets 7931S

Transaction ID

Could i see my updates, here is my transaction: 3KJ89205NU0578410

Any update to this? Should have had some confirmation by now.

Still waiting for the report. Please update. Thanks.


I'am order...
Transaction ID57G33432PM601500G

Test order placed, PayPal ID: 8SY19xxxxM593100H. Thank you! :)

Give me sample and is non-english website appcepted?

Can you send me sample report of all services pls

I ordered 1 guest post for $5. I received a naturally placed link on a website that is topically related to my keyword. For the price this is a nice link.

Placed a new order, PayPal ID: 8CC416xxxx1236847. Thank you! :)

Does it include indexing?
Please send me samples of the whole service.

out of all the backlink types offered in this service, which one would you recommend the most if I wanted to rank a parasite page with it.

Ordered a few different services to try them out. PayPal ref: ***********36172D

samples thanks

Kindly send me samples

Got delivery of PBN, traffic, and wiki links. The service was fast and reports well-organized. Very good value service overall and will use again. Thank you!

Looking to see some samples before ordering...Also, wondering that the links will be built for a YouTube channel also?

Some samples. Thx

What are the authority backlinks?

Interested in samples

Send the Sample please

Transaction ID - ***95052K

Does it include indexing?
Please send me samples of the whole service.

Some samples please.

Placed an order for PBN & EZINE & EDU backlinks.
Tran ID: *******280V

Look forward to seeing the results of your work.

HI send me samples


samples for wiki and real estate niche please

Samples please PBN, high traffic site, Edu thanks

samples for pbns, guest post, and high traffic

Can you send PBN samples pls

Placed order -- XXXXX4122F
Authority, we 2.0, niche and pbn
lets see how this goes.

Order placed 0R403….05930

sample please

Can I have some samples? (guest post)


Send all samples

Bought one service to test it.
5 PBN links.

Transaction ID: 8CR660278X9715502

Pls send all samples

Pm me samples please

Hello !
Please send all samples

Pm me some samples

Send me please samples, thank you very much!

Pm me samples please

Placed an order for 5$ and got 5 links with the exact keywords specified and the links also looked really great. I definitely recommend his services as you probably won't find cheaper services elsewhere.

Order placed for 150 links. Looking forward to see the report.

sample and discount please

My Review:

I order 5 PBN Links to test the service. Received the report in 2 days on my e-mail.

The articles have ~400/600 words each with 1 image. All articles passed 100% on copyscape.
About metrics, I use Ahrefs to check them. DR6, DR0, DR8, DR6, DR9. All websites look legit with a good design, etc.

About the seller, he's a good guy. I asked to change the links, and he did it in 2 hours, very fast support!

For this price is a perfect deal! I recommend.

Thanks, @nigunim!!!

I'm really impressed with this service. Communication, turnaround time and work were of excellent quality. Purchased 150 links.

Can you send me samples?

After the great job done with our first order, we have placed an order for 130 more links.

Intrested. Can I get details of edu/gov backlinks?

share samples for web 2.0, tumblr and wiki

Please I need samples, if am ok, then we can strike a deal

Order placed ****53645J let's try this one out

guest post and high DA link samples please

I've tried Niche Guest Post and High Traffic Backlink.
The Niche Guest Post has correct Niche and Correct Anchor placement. High Traffic is not niche related, anchor placement correct, the 'article' itself was niche related, just the overall site not.

All-in-all for 5 USD it's a totally good service. Will probably use it again in the future.

hi dear, can you send me the sample of niche guest post??

Samples please I ask

please send me sample links.

It is now the third time I've purchase PBNs from this seller and I am pleased with the results I am getting. Because I have been purchasing a lot of backlinks lately, it’s difficult to pinpoint if it is these links, other links or the combination of all that is giving us the positive results we are getting at the moment. One thing is sure, they do not hurt.

My last purchase was 250 links, and I decided to share some metrics from Majestic with you guys. These are averages from 250 casino niche links we purchased:

Trust flow: 11.23
Citation flow: 15.44
Referring Domains: 35.47
Backlinks: 11888.77

Most links have News/Weblogs as their main topic, however, many of them have a trust flow in games/gambling too. Some have games/gambling as their main trust flow.

For this price, we feel that we are getting our money worth and then some with this service. The seller is a good communicator, he doesn’t spam our inboxes and he is flexible. Overall a really good service.

Samples please

Can i have a sample please? Thank you

Order placed ..2 posts

give me some samples mate

Any discounts? :D

order place
Transaction ID : 64911W

Send the sample of 25 web 2.0 backlinks.

I ordered a review copy for 1 link.

The article is readable and related to my site, especially the site it was posted on which matches my niche. The seller was attentive and executed my instructions well.

Trust flow : 7
Citation flow : 26
Ahrefs DR : 30

For the price, it's a good service.

Order placed
TX ID 6PN93789KX9391057

order place
Transaction ID : 379446

placed 2 orders for High traffic Backlink for testing the service.
Paypal transaction *****9627X523662H

is any discount available
i am interested in your packages

just placed an order for 10 niche blog links

Send samples please

Transaction ID xxxxx003617

Placed another order
TX ID - 28915145M5601183L

Share sample report of wiki & premium high authority links

Samples pls

Samples please.

Samples and Discount Please :)

Thank you

pls send me samples and discount, thanks

Can you send me samples, please?

can you send samples please?

May i get some samples ?

Samples and discount please

please Samples for each

Just ordered! Transaction ID 9K616264P6166410E
Please provide invoice and report when done thanks

I messed up the URL. Can you please get in touch with me for correcting it? Thanks

Transaction ID: xxxxxx78LW395942T

can you send samples please?

May I get some samples? thanks!

Order placed for 100 links

Order placed Transaction ID: 33868555XV680353W

Sample needed for each for health related

Order placed.
Trn ID: xxxxxxxxHM0631115

Placed an order for high traffic backlinks and expired tumblr links
Transaction ID: 61996020HD5884233

I like the graphics of your thread, makes me want to purchase!

Send me samples.

Samples for the links

interested please pm me to discuss furthur

Purchased his service few times and there are actual improvement in ranking. His links get quickly indexed as well. Recommended!

Transaction ID - ##########2R937431R

send me samples for expired Tumblr backlinks. Also, can you tell me whats the approx indexing rate?

Do you accept casino niche? Any sample to share pls?

All Service Samples Please

send me samples of all services please

Can I see the guest post samples? thanks!

Delivered as promised!

Guest post for $5? is it pbn link?

Guest Post and high traffic site sample please.

Send me some samples please.

I've just ordered a few of the services to test them so will report back.

Send me samples plz

Interested in a sample :)

Interested on sample

Trying to decide between High traffic vs Niche. May I see a sample of each?

All Service Samples Please

Got the report. DA ranges from 20-60. Half of them already showed up on Ahrefs report.
Articles were okay for the price. I would order again.

Cool deal!

sample needed please.

please share samples of premium authority and web 2.0 links.

Interested on sample

Looking for review copy

I ordered a review copy for 5 PBN links
Order delivered with in 24 hours
PBN's DA PA is around 50 to 60
Also article is readable and unique
For the price point this is a good deal
I am planning to order more PBN's for my clients

hi, how can i order? pls PM

all do follow ?

hi, order placed
Merchant transaction ID:

Interested in sample

Order receipt number 24583141FT31****R.

Share me a sample please

sample of each please

Sample please

Samples of all service pls .

Hi, please send the report to me, I ordered it on last Wednesday, have not hear anything yet. thank you!

ready to try it out. can you send me samples?

Review Copy: I have ordered the PBN link, and I am impressed with the quality and the delivery timing. Very fast. Recommended service. All the best.

send me samples please

sample please

new order = xxxxx031346

new order = xxxxxx06784X

Can you please share the sample once again, as l am unable to get the old one

Could you please send me samples? Thank you!

need guest post sample, Thanks

Hi, I ordered on Jully 22nd, still waiting for an update ID- *******66G518212D

Samples please

My report was delivered and the websites all have good metrics, cheers :)

Send all service samples, please.

Can you increase Domain rating ..?? Please prize and samples pm me

hello ningguin how about my order ?

Interested, please send samples

hello , samples please! thanks!

Order placed: ***1791L

I did both.

Send the Sample please

"We’re sorry. This seller doesn’t accept payments in your currency. Please return to the seller and choose another way to pay."

Kindly send me samples of, tks

How many guest post websites do you have which are above DA20?

And what is the bulk discounted price for 50+ guest posts?

What is the word count for the guest post articles?

And are they fully unique after being spun?


This seller is not always online and still waiting for my order report

how many backlinks

Send me pbn and niche guest post sample.


samples please

Order placed!

Can I have multiple URLS per order?

niche guest post samples - home/security/real estate niche


Received 1 review copy of a guest post from the seller. Communications from the seller were professional. TAT as agreed upon. The report was delivered to email in google docs.

The content quality was not great but ok. An image was placed and the anchor was used appropriately.

Final Words
These kinds of links are useful for Tier 2. The domain had good metrics. Hope this link gets indexed. You get what you pay for this service.

Please send samples

Ordered 5 PBN service, transaction ID: 51C937666W6325534 . Thank you!

Samples for each service please

web 2.0 sample please

order placed with transaction ID : 8970R

Can i see some of example of your service?

Hi Nigunim,

order placed with transaction ID: 5G244733WU995352N for 6 products. please confirm

Thank you

Order placed

can you please send me samples of your service

Can i please see some samples for web 2.0, PBN and guest posts?

I want a Review Copy - Adult Niche

order placed, trx id : 5MF53256V4XXXX05P

Order placed for a few services: Receipt number: *********382372E

Look forward to the work :)

Got 2 free sample links which I am happy about. I`ll probably order soon to test out the paid service

can you send sample and discount code. What is Index rate?

sample please

Please send any sample .

Interested. Can I get samples?

order placed :)

Order Placed

I'm interested in a review copy. I will give a detailed review.

Order placed ******58022C

I would be interested in a review copy if still available.

I am interested, review copy please

Is there a discount if I use numbers 1 to 9?
Please leave your Telegram ID where I can contact you.

Send the Sample please

I just got a review copy which contains a total of 18 links. The links are under .EDU and .GOV package. They all come from renown edu and government websites. Majority of the sites have DA 50 to 95.

Furthermore, some of the pages have contents highly relevant to my niche and they're quite readable too. Also, the links were placed with the right anchor.

Overall, the service is just as advertised. I'm very happy with what I got; hence, I highly recommend it.

Send me samples.

Samples please

sample please

Order placed for all services, (invoice: 4************094

The links I received looked good. The content is medium, URLs and topics are relevant and the domains are clean. Decent value for what you are paying.

I recently obtained a review copy containing a total of 18 links. This includes links to the Education and Government packages. They are all found on reputable education and government websites. The vast majority of the sites have DAs between 56 and 93.

Additionally, some of the pages have content that is highly relevant to my niche, and they are easy to read. Finally, the links have the correct anchor text.

Overall, I am satisfied with the service. As a result, I highly recommend it, since I am very happy with what I received.

Send me the samples for 1,2,9 services

Order Done.

Hello, can you send a couple of samples for the following options?
1, 5, 6,9

Thank you!

Order placed for PBN service

Order placed - XXXXXX8928943770B

Would like some samples please and thank you

Quick turnaround and was easy to work with. A+!

please send samples for PBN and guest post.

Great. Sample Please

Cani pay with Tronwallet?

Send samples please

Samples please

Order placed Transaction ID : xxxxxx551AA555360A

Just placed an order. looking forward to results!

Send samples please

Send me sample report of all services

Can you send samples

Please send me samples with all services.

Kindly please share some of the niche guest post samples.

samples and discount pls

Just ordered 100 links

i also want sample

samples of web2.0 & pbn

Just ordered. Please let me know your TAT?

I would like to have some samples and discount code

please send me sample and coupon code. thanks

Send me samples for each

Can i see samples of the services please?

order placed, can't wait for the result

Samples please, especially for wiki links

OP was kind enough to provide me with a review copy of 10 web 2.0 links - which I most certainly appreciate. Due to a "mini shit storm" I had to attend to, I did not notice OP's delivery email until recently (it was actually sent April 6) 0 so althoguh I apologize for being late, this also brings with it an opportunity to shed some insight into the performance of the service roughly 3 weeks after receiving it, as opposed to the traditional review that covers what it looks like "out of the box" when it's less than 24hrs old and before anything good or bad can actually happen.

First I will start with the good:

OP's delivery was actually lightning fast, as a review copy I wasn't exactly expecting to be considered a top priortiy so I was prepared to wait a while for delivey, but clearly it came MUCH faster than expected, in much less time than even the TAT listed by OP.. This is most likely to ensure that his deliveries are always early rather than late (smart, because you KNOW if a seller is 10 MINUTES late someone will be all over the forums trying to call them the "S" word)

The lowest DA of any of the sites OP posted to was 31, ranging up to DA 62.... I woulld say most of them were roughly DA 55. and they had PA scores within 20 points below, to sometimess higher than the DA. So they carry some authority with them.

Every single one of them had an article and was a contextual link. I'll admit after the first two, I stopped reading the articles because the AI content was giving me a headache - HOWEVER - That said, every one of the articles was on the CORRECT topic and gave ACCURATE information - even if it was worded annoyingly lol...

Almost a month after they were posted, 9 out of 10 o these web 2.0's are still live and active. So they have some staying potential vs actual Fiverr provdiers who (for the most part) their created accts would have been cancelled/deleted by site admins by now.

OP obviously cares about the quality of the service he provides, and was very detailed and thorough in making sure he understood the page he was linking to and that the links provided were as high quality as possible.

I know I gfetched about the articles giving me a headache - but that said, I also was NOT expecitng handwritten articles for free included with links that he's ultimatley selling for $0.20/link ... .($5.00 / 25 = $0.20) which is INSANELY cheap for what you're getting.

The Not Great:

Out of theose 10 links, 1 of them was Nofollow & Noindex (will never see the light of day and won't do anything to help even if discovered), 9 of them (including the aforementioned) are "rel=nofollow" and only one of them indexed so far organically (sadly, it was not the one that was a "********" lol).

That said, Google has been having some SERIOUS indexing problems as of late which they keep flip flopping between admitting and acknowledging and outright denying the existence of - AND I took no action to actually get them indexed so we'll see after I submit them to an indexing service that still works)

The articles are obviously AI generated (as I said before, taht's not really a valid "complaint" from any reasonable person when we're talking about $0.20 links, but one thing to keep not of is Google has announced that they are planning to crack down on AI generated content and penalizing sites for spam for it (Irony? GOOGLE hates US using Artificial Intelligence for anything, yet they're the KING of AI -generated tasks actions and AI-Bot written correspondence). IF you can afford it, and especially if you're going to point these at at T1 (DO NOT RECOMMEND) or T2 (maybe) site, it may behoove you to look into submitting your own copy.. or at least a few of them OG and some spun versions of each along with them..)

NOT RECOMMENDED FOR TIER 1 - for the reasons stated above, I don't recommend these for Tier 1 Buuuut


Seriously, HUGE bang for your buck - the negatives are not really negatives when comparing this service to comparatively priced services - frankly I think OP is selling himself short by even implying a similarity between $5 crap services on Fiverr with the name of the BST - because the the similarities end after the $5 pricetag - this insn't complete garbage..... Just my opinion there.

I used this service on to build fresh links to a domain that I have 301 redirected to a Tier 1 backlink. (so technically I used it for T3)

Hope this review was helpful and informative, can't off the top of my head think of anything I forgot to mention ... Might update this if I remember anything helpful to the decision making process that really should be added.

Samples for each service please

Sample pls

Adult niche

Just placed my order. Looking forward to getting good results :)

Samples on health niche

Hi Mate,

Just placed the order.


Order placed 60 post, Thanks

Please send me samples in for your PBN links and Niche Guest Posts.... health related if possible. Thanks.

sample please

ordered /212363500378451

sample please

Sample for guest post . Niche smm, social media etc

Sample this. I am interested in this service for a new website.

Placed an order for authority links+edu/gov.


samples plz, health/med niche

Order placed 203482556337055

pm me for your special offer & review copies if available

Interested in samples in home improvement and health. SKÅL!

Interested in Niche Edits and High Traffic post. Samples please.

with Niche edits do you have fitness related niches?

a question for the 50 different backlinks, can you send me some samples of websites (travel-related, if you have)

placed order

Thors review for 50 authority links:
Great communication with seller all the way. Seller did not only delivered all 50 authority links before deadline day but also over delivered with 10 bonus links for us. For this price this service is a steal and one of the best we bought here on BHW. If our results will turn out good we will be back with many more orders to come. SKÅL!

Send me some samples for da 50+

Order placed. Waiting for the result. Thank you!

Order placed.

Thank you

Samples please for wiki, web2.0, edu/gov and tumblr links

samples for each services please, thanks.

I received 2 review copies. The articles were readable and I am happy with the service.

Now, I have just ordered 30 backlinks for one of my blogs.


212363500378451 order sent

Sample please, thank u

Still the offers are available?

Samples sir !

Sample pls

Share samples

a sample please

hi! Samples please for wiki, web2.0, edu/gov links

samples please

Can you show me dampkring the PBN links please ?

Looks like a steal deal. Sample Please

Order placed

Ordered for diversity

50 prem authoritty
25 different web 2.0
15 edu

trans xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx7025

Could I have a sample of the high traffic link and the niche guest post link please?

samples pls

Transaction ID: 2UK14021P3988911D

Samples please

Used service PBN before and satisfied.

Continue use this service with order ID: 19J77103D9420733H

Sample Please.

guest post samples

send the sample, please


So I'm quite confused about ordering... When I choose 1 QUANTITY for 5 GENERAL PBN LINKS, does that mean I get 1 set of 5 pbn links, OR do I only get 1 pbn link?

nice to see that

Sample please


Send samples please.

never delivered

Send samples please.

Order Placed on Profile and Web 2.0 Links

Order placed:

are you still providing this service?

Received 5 PBN Posts and 25 + 15 (bonus) Web 2.0 links.
Let's see if the links will get indexed. However, for $10 I am happy, all sites appear to be fair for this price.

Can i see the samples?

Send Me Your Samples

Do you accept gambling links?

Samples pls. My niche is about astrology. Do you have links related to this niche?

Do you accept betting site?

Send me samples ( looking for education, moving, technology niche links)

Hi, please send me samples of niche guest post and high traffic site.

Send samples please

Order Placed

sample please

Can I see some samples for tech niche? Thanks.

Samples and discount if there are please. Thanks.

sample of pbn?

Samples please

Samples please

Please,send me pet sample?

sample please.

Hi could i see some samples about tech and outdoor garden


I have purchased profile and web 2.0 links I am appreciate of the bonus links that were given happy with the report thanks.

Samples please

sample please

can I get a sample of the premium authority backlinks?
and is it 1 URL per order?

Please, Send me guest post Sample - Casino niche

Order placed

please send example for 1,2 and 4

Sample for me please!

Give me some samples

Please send me samples for each of the link types

Sample for me please!

send me sample for wiki backlinks

if possible send sample for all link types

Can you please send me samples fo all the types and specialy for wiki backlinks?
Thank you

Hello, can you send me samples for each of the link types please?

Please send samples

May I have samples of 1 - 5 please? Thanks

May I have samples of 1 - 5 please? Thanks

Please send me a sample thank you!

Just place a 2nd order, just wait to see the result of the new order.

Order placed, thanks.

Looks amazing! Samples please.

Can you send examples for these please:

Transaction ID: 5LE72180NU318051G


Please send me some samples.

Can you please send me samples of all the types and specialy for wiki backlinks?
Thank you

Send me samples

Can you send examples for these please:

samples please

Can you send me samples for niche guests posts?


I received the report with bonus links thanks Nigunim. I will ping you soon with a new order.

Can you send examples for all of your services please.

ID: 47403109MS181144W

Send me Sample bro?

I want to post sales here

sample please ..!

Samples for each service please


Sample of all services please

can I get a sample of the wiki backlinks ?

Sample please?

Placed order - waiting for report

sample please

ID: 8YC28376PP932321D

Send sample please

ORDER PLACED : 32E552299V6914!@#

2 Services


Send me report when complete, thank you

Question : PBN LINKS ALLOW my own articles in Chinese ?

order placed: 3CS65707CG4446819

Can I please see some samples of edu, wiki and high traffic sites please?

Ordered package

Order Placed: Transaction Id- 7s70323******12w

Send the Sample, please

order placed

hi mate, can you send me some samples. Thanks!

Order Placed

sample please

placed order lets hope for good results

45 links ordered. I'm very curious to see how it works out.

Can i get some samples please.

plaed 3 more order.. price is cheap but quality is not cheap , its decent. i am surprised with the result it does actually move up my post url on serp page.

send me guest post smples

Okay, send me samples please.

send few samples

order Transaction number: P24-B9G-R1F-N2W

Order placed

Ordered to test the service.

sample please

hello again

paid :)

Transaction ID: 2CC04487UT255664M

Accept btc?

sample please

Order Placed

Sample please

Hello guy, I have paid, please contact me


ordered 212363500378451

order placed : 212363500378451

can i have a sample plz?

sample for niche blog post?

Order placed: G2758401G

Order sent for this as well :)

Transaction ID:

Thank you

Transaction ID: 7NB80843H3245814T


Sorry, I put the transaction ID from PayPal
This is the correct ID: 9WJ1370216784630G

send me guest post smples

Transaction: 6VC66313F3798361J

How can I see the status of my order

Please DM samples for each and discounts. Thank you.

Hey bro just filled out order you will see my username. What is the bonus?

Order -


Samples Please

Send a sample

Can you PM me samples? Also, can I pay with crypto?

Sample please

Sample please

send me samples for each link category please

order placed


Bonus Links Available for Below Service
Premium Authority Profile Backlinks - 50 Links + 15 Bonus Links For 5$
Different Web2.0 Platform Backlinks - 25 Links + 10 Bonus Links For 5$
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