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    Jul 4, 2011
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    Hello bhw, I have been working on a fiverr gig delivering youtube views from social media sites that I am on, thus my traffic is real.

    I am looking for people(s) to add me to their online network and charge $5 for 500 views, $20 for 2500 views, for youtube hits and forward me the work. I will give you the link to my paypal button(s).

    When I recieve $5 from an order, it will take me around 3-4 days to deliver 500 views. I will pay you via paypal, $1.50 per lead that converts for 500 views. I will pay you $6.00 per 2500 lead

    that converts.

    I have excellent 100% rating on fiverr, for proof and more info on my service, search cloudguru88.

    Let me know if any help is out there! thank you.
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