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    Hey everyone, I've been a lurker and a reader for a long time now and it's about time I shared a little about what I'm doing. For those of you that don't like those "journal" type threads, feel free to leave now as predominantly this is what it'll be.

    Background Info
    A little about me... I've been an avid reader of internet marketing related sites and forums for a few years and yet I've never really made much money online. I know that I have the potential to succeed but things always keep pulling me back.

    Anyway, recently I decided to take responsibility for my actions and start to make some money. I've ready BHW cover to cover and I know there's tons of money making methods on this forum that still work, so I'm kinda excited to get stuck in. I know that some of the stuff even a kid could do and if I can't make money online with the advice on this forum then what can I do?

    I'm not a noob when it comes to online stuff and I have read a lot of material on internet marketing, but because I've never really taken any action I can't really boast about anything. I'm hoping that I can get my feet wet and begin my online adventures with the support of the great people on BHW.

    What Am I Doing?
    Good question... I'm starting with classifieds marketing (Craigslist etc). I believe that one of the reasons people never succeed is because they flip around from one idea to the next without ever seeing the first one through properly. I'm concentrating on one idea, and I want to keep working on it until I succeed.

    My Method
    Everyone on BHW has to have a "method" don't they. Going with what I've read on the forum so far I'm trying the age old, timeless classic of "sorry it's gone..." with hopefully a little twist here and there. Anyone that's done this method will know which one I mean so I'll leave it at that. I read that this is one of the easiest methods to do for beginners so I thought it would fit me perfectly.

    Time Available
    I've noticed a lot of these people writing journals seem to not spend that much time building up their online business - not me! I have spent the last 2 months preparing for this day, getting other projects and people out of my way so that the majority of my time could be spent on this. I've hopefully managed to secure myself anywhere between 30 and 50 hours a week on this. Hey, I'm single, have few friends and live with my parents so it's doable.

    What if I succeed?
    Well, the first thing I'll do is pay off my debts and buy a new car :) And then I'll work on diversifying my income because I don't want to put all my eggs in one basket.

    What if I fail?
    Failure is an integral part of success. If I don't have any struggles building up this business then it's not worth building. For every failure I am one step closer to success, I will not give up.

    I'll try and answer any questions you throw my way and help other people as I hope others will help me. There are certain things I won't answer, and I'm fed up of having to read things like "what's your affiliate network?" etc like these questions even matter.

    I also don't plan on spoon feeding anyone, nor do I expect to get spoon fed. I believe if I'm too stupid to work this out mostly on my own then I don't deserve it.

    So, wish me luck on my journey through hell and back again.
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    Update: 25th September 2009

    Yes I know that technically it is the 26th, but my body tells me it's that tomorrow hasn't yet come. I want to update with what I've spent doing the whole day, I all of this stuff before I even created the thread but felt like putting it in anyways.

    I've spent a couple of hours looking through some BHW threads I'd bookmarked a while back for some good ideas, and managed to find something that I thought was really interesting about a two-tiered response (perhaps that's not the right phrase, basically I mean an email conversation that involves me sending two messages).

    I created an excel spreadsheet to store my data in as and when I begin the campaign...


    Semi-Automation Script
    I've begun to design a script that will allow me to semi-automate replying - I'm choosing not to use an autoresponder at first because I want to get the feel of doing it manually in the beginning. For anyone that's interested, I'll be using a program called Texter which is made by the guys over at Lifehacker.

    It's not really a script, I'm just pressing a few buttons but it makes me feel better to call it a script. It will allow me to write the majority of my email response out automatically and then move me to the write place so that I can fill in my bits of personalisation.

    As I read somewhere else on BHW - personalisation is key in getting more conversions.

    I've also wrote out all my ad text and titles for 10 different ads - the same ad but changing it up to get around spam filters. I'm almost ready to go, I'm soooo close!!!

    Can't Create Email Accounts That Work
    Except... I've hit a little snag. Out of all the things that could have tripped me up I'm glad that it was this and not say getting banned from my affiliate network. But still, it is a snag none the less.

    The problem is creating email accounts, and using them. I'm not sure if this is normal but here's what happened to me - feel free to comment if you can explain how I've managed to balls this up.

    1. I created 4 Gmail accounts in a row, using the same IP (my home IP), they were all very similiar in username and had idential passwords (wondering if this was my issue?)

    2. After 4 accounts I started getting the SMS BS everyone's been talking about, so I thought "Screw it, I'll just use four accounts".

    3. Tried to login to each account and kept getting the message "you have been logged out because you are already logged in in another window on this browser" or something to that affect. The thing is I was using a FF extension called CookieJar that said it allowed the very same thing I was trying to do - have multiple Gmails open at once.

    4. I got a bit pissed off and decided I'd go to Hotmail, I've heard a few people talk about Hotmail being the new Gmail so I guessed it'd be cool.

    5. On my first Hotmail account I got told to verify myself with a Captcha. Well fair enough, I could be a bot. But those bloody captchas were hard to read and it took me 6 or 7 goes to get it right. Finally I'm verified!

    6. I try to send a test email from the account...


    Son of a bitch! Now I know that I may well be classed as a spammer in a few days time, but I've done sweet FA so far. Am I to believe that Microsoft can now predict the future? Or did I screw something up big time?

    So far that's where I'm at, I'm all ready for a test fire of my campaign if I can just get a reliable email service working. I want to use one email per ad and because I'm doing 10 ads to start I can't just use any old address, I need 10 addresses.

    EDIT: Edited that image cos it's screwing with the widths of the forum and I hate it when that happens.
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    Wow, great post, thanks.
    I'm here looking for a little inspiration... haven't been having much luck lately and I find myself stuck between a rock and a hard place.

    You've started out with a lot of detail I hope to see more as you progress.
    The problems you're having with email are kinda weird. I managed to set up about 20 a couple months ago. One thing I have is plenty of email accounts, but not much to do with them... yet. If there was a way to transfer them I'd give you a few.

    Keep up the good work, I'll be interested to see how you do. I hope this Journal doesn't fizzle out like most.
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    Thanks for the reply EerieNoodles. I've had a few drinks and started watching Talladega Nights since I wrote that post, and it's made me think.... I didn't do anything spammy, so I searched on Google for "this account is currently blocked from sending messages" and it turns out its just some automated spam filter. I don't know what I did to set it off but the old paranoia set in to make me think they actually knew what I was doing.

    The more I think about it, the more I think it was just a coinicidence. The first thing I'm going to do do tomorrow is make 10 Hotmail accounts and see what happens with them as far as getting blocked is concerned. It could just be a big fat bit of bad luck that I set off a spam filter without realising.

    Out of interest EerieNoodles - what is it that's got you stuck between a rock and a hard place?
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    Hey dustydharma, sounds like you're suggesting that I change my IP when creating email accounts - does that really make a difference then? I can do it just didn't think it was worth the effort til you said something then.
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    Glad to hear that you're figuring things out with the email. It's easy to be paranoid when you're pushing the boundaries. Keep us posted.

    My problem is simple... everything I try starts working then when I think I've found the "right thing" it dries up. Just poof moneys gone.

    Really... am I the only one in the world who hasn't seen Talladega Nights?
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    I think you can do 4 or 5 gmail accounts before changing IP's. I know I have lots. One thing that might help you out though is lastpass for firefox. You can generate the passwords for each account so they aren't all the same... (I don't know if that is something they track or not) Plus it makes it much easier logging in & out with just a click. So you don't really "need" to be logged in to several at once.

    On the occasion that I do need to be in more than one account at a time. I usually just open up internet explorer or google chrome, since they all have their own cookies.

    Also, I'm not sure if you do this already, but you should probably also clear lso's and cookies between creating accounts as well.
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    Hmm, I'm not sure why that keeps happening for you. What methods have you tried so far? I know that there are some that definately work so it's just a question of keeping trying at them.

    And I only saw Talladega Nights last night cos of a trailer I saw about praying to "little baby Jesus". It was good, but in a "I need to drink to find it funny" sort of way.

    Thanks! That's just what I wanted to hear. While I was sitting in bed last night the same thought came to me about creating accounts with dfiferent IPs so that just confirms it. I'll take a look at that lastpass as well, looks pretty good.
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    Update: 26th September 2009

    Wow! All I can say is that a good night's sleep really helps you put things into perspective. Last night I was racking my brains over the whole email thing and when I woke up this morning and after reading a couple of replies on this thread - it's all become a whole lot clearer.

    Hotmail Accounts
    Don't have a clue I was spam blocked straight away, but I do know that it was definately paranoia for me to think they knew what I was planning to do with the account.

    I researched online and I've found it's common for Hotmail to block accounts even for members of the public who are in good standing. Last night I said that the first thing I'd do today is fix up the Hotmail issue by creating 10 new accounts and see what happens, but I've decided to take another look at the Gmails I'd made first.

    Gmail Accounts
    The biggest issue I had was I coudn't log in to the accounts, and yet again paranoia set in making me think they had blocked me or something. I was trying to login in to all my accounts simultaneously using a Firefox extension called CookieJar - and for whatever reason it wasn't working.

    But... I have a feeling that if I log into them all individually they should work fine. I don't need to have them all logged in at the same time anyways.

    As far as the SMS BS - thanks to dada2008 for the advice on how many I can make per IP, it just never occured to me last night.

    IP Solution
    I haven't yet spoken about my IP solution yet. For anyone that doesn't know, an IP solution is a way of getting a new IP each time you want to post on a site so that they don't think you are the same person.

    For more info check this thread:

    My own personal option is very similar to using an Aircard (or Mobile Broadband USB Dongle as we call them here in the UK). Instead of going out and buying a USB dongle, I used my phone's existing dial up networking capabilities.

    You should be able to do this with any modern phone. My phone is a Nokia N70 (still a few years old) and all I do is use the Nokia PC Suite to connect my PC to the phone using bluetooth, and start up the internet connection application. Also if you are doing this then remember to disable your normal internet so it doesn't interfere.

    I get 1GB of internet free a month on my phone so this is more than enough to create some Gmail accounts and do some posting.

    Mini-Scare: GTD System Failure
    I used an organisational system called GTD (Getting Things Done) based off a fantastic book by David Allen. My entire life is organised in there, my dreams and aspirations - nothing is in my head, it is all in the system. Well this morning the system I use (called MonkeyGTD, runs in Firefox) just stopped working! I freaked out, I thought my life was going to end. It wouldn't even load the damn backups.

    Thankfully I fixed it, but I didn't realise how much of my life is held up by a simple HTML file!

    I Hate My Job
    I only work part-time and I live with my parents so that's cool, but I still hate my job. I can't wait to get something good going here so I can just quit. I don't have anyone depending on me and I don't have massive living expenses so it wouldn't take much online money making to give me a massive reason to quit - I can't wait.

    Further Updates
    I'm planning on working the rest of the afternoon and into the night so hopefully I'll be updating with what I've done here later on. My fingers are just itching to get started, I never thought that taking action would feel this way. It's like a dream, I keep thinking that I'll wake up and find that I'm still just a pathetic loser who talks about making money but never actually does it.
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    Nice thread, I hope this motivation sticks for you and you
    come out making a lot of money. I do have one suggestion
    for you though, check out just buying a bunch of emails.
    The hardest part is finding someone who is reputable but
    just perusing the market place here at BHW you can check
    the last pages of the thread and see if the providers are
    still delivering. You can buy 1k hotmails for really pretty
    cheap which will save you a TON of time making all of them.

    Then all you have to worry about is rotating your IP, the only
    thing I don't like about you using your Nokia is whether or
    not they track your browsing history. I suggest using a MAC
    address changer - -
    and then resetting your modem, this will give you a fresh IP every
    time. This is probably the most reliable free method you can
    use to change your IP so it's worth atleast checking out.

    Good luck with your ventures,
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    Thanks for the reply _Austin.

    I have considered the idea of buying email addresses in bulk and it's something I'll probably do in the future, but now I think I've cracked working out how to make them myself I'll be ok for my first few campaigns.

    I'm not sure what you mean about the Nokia browing history, I'm simply using the phone as a modem to access the internet on my PC, just it's just as if I was using my own connection except with a different IP. I'm not sure if that MAC changing thing will work with my provider as my IP hardly ever changes.
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    I agree, I just got 1k gmails on here for about $15, saves a lot of time, there's too much else to worry about to waste time making emails.
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    Update: 26th September 2009

    I've got a massive headache so I don't feel as if I'm being as productive as I could be, but I'm still struggling on.

    Gmail Account Created Sorted!
    I finally cracked getting the accounts created thanks to the great advice I got in this thread and a little bit of thinking. As others have said, I think it's better to buy emails in bulk and it really isn't worth the hassle but I wanted to do it manually the first time so I could see what was happening and understand things more.

    My Method for Creating Gmails
    1. Get a new IP and record for future use
    2. Also check the IP hasn't been used before in creating your Gmails by looking at your records.
    3. Clear cookies and LSO's (Local Shared Objects, or Flash Cookies)
    I did this by using an appliction called CCleaner, there's a section under applications for Abode Flash Player.
    4. Create your first account
    5. Close your browser and run CCleaner again
    6. Open up the browser and create the second account
    7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 for the third account
    8. Start right back from step 1 for your fourth account and keep starting from step 1 for every 3 accounts you make

    Using this method I managed to create myself 10 Gmail accounts. Yes, I know this is easy peasy lemon squeezy to most people but this took me quite some thinking to do, and I would class myself as a bit of a geek so I don't know how some noobs manage this stuff at times.

    Edit: Was going to mention this but forgot... when creating accounts everthing that is associated with an account that has the "Verify by SMS" bollocks is tarnished with the same brush. Create an extra account on the same IP by accident - oops that IP is tarnished but also the username you tried to create. Try and register an account using that same username with a brand new IP and bam! Now you're new IP is also tarnished. There filters are pretty good at working out links between different data.

    Next step...
    Going to be working on the semi-automation script I mentioned in a previous post. Once I've got it up and running and I'll give a brief look at how it works for anyone else that's interested in using it.
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    What I meant by using your Nokia is that, since their data may be a bit more
    expensive and less used than a local provider they may monitor the traffic more
    than the latter. Honestly, it's probably just a paranoia factor on my part but I
    know these cell phone companies probably wouldn't like wasting their bandwidth
    with unethical practices and may be more prone to watching their traffic.

    Just a thought,
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    You have a valid point, but I'm not going to worry about it for now. If I end up scaling up and doing more of it then I'll buy a USB mobile broadband dongle, paid for in cash and will top it up in cash so that it cannot be traced to me.

    I completely get the paranoia, I think it's quite healthy to have a little bit of it in this game.
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    You don't really need a whole seperate internet connection
    if you are just trying to stay anonymous. There are plenty
    of IP switchers out there that would be a lot less, and if you
    have trouble finding good free proxies there are always paid
    proxies which would be a lot cheaper than a whole nother
    internet connection with one of the USB devices you're
    talking about.

    I found this thread recently when I was looking on switching
    to a new premium proxy service.
    There are many threads like it, just do some searching around
    the forum.

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    Yea I agree. I needed something quick and dirty to get me going with my first campaign but I won't be using this IP solution for ever.
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    I love threads like this. Always nice to see what others are doing. You claim to want to do CL postings, but lack IP's. What's your plan for this? Local starbucks and panera breads, lol? Not a bad move for beginners.
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    In one of the first threads I explain what I'm doing to get IPs - using mobile internet.
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    Update: 26th September 2009

    Here I am again, the headache is still there but that's not going to stop me. I'm getting into position to launch my first campaign very soon, it's taken me a while to get my head around certain things.

    I would really like to join the club of those guys on BHW that get success from their first campaign, but I know that it doesn't always work like this and so I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much. I don't want to be too disapointed if it falls flat on it's face. If it does I've got to get up and keep going, it's called trial and error for a reason.

    Semi-Automation Script
    As promised I'm going to go over my semi-automation "script", it's just an app with some really simple code. Because I'm planning on implementing a two response system that will be done manually, I want to try and automate as much of the typing as possible.

    The script will take the first name from the email "from" section on Gmail and use it as part of the template. It also adds whatever custom text I want and then brings me back up to the first paragraph where I can add some personalisation to the email so I don't sound like a robot. It's nothing special and once you see it you'll see how simple it is.

    An example email of what the script will produce looks like this...

    There's really nothing to it but this is faster than copy and paste because you don't need to move the curser back, and the name is automatically put in for you.

    So, in order to use this script you would need to install the Texter application from here:
    Take a few moments to watch the short videos and familiarise yourself with how to use the software. Once you've worked that part out, you'll probably already be able to do the little script I have going, but if not here's the gist of it:
    +{Tab}^{Home}^+{Right}^c{Tab}Hey ^v, how's it going?
    Personalised response would go here, you would delete this line in the actual script
    Template text goes here
    This would only work in the Gmail web interface as far as I know but you could customise to work with others.

    I was in a really big panic because none of the links I'd created were tracking with the network. Turns out I was pressing the wrong button, such a noob mistake but it felt so good to realise it wasn't anything major and I wouldn't have to contact the network or anything.

    Something else I'm doing which I'm hoping will work out, subIDs. I'm setting up my response system so that each email response uses a differernt subID that corresponds to the city I'm posting in. Statistics are everything! I should be able to know which cities are producing the most traffic and which are converting the most - I'm almost physically excited (lame reference to Reggie Perin, the modern series).

    First Campaign Launch
    I'm full of excitement and worry at the same time. I keep telling myself I have nothing to lose, after all there is no investment except time and I've already wasted a lifetime of that.

    I'm going to find 10 of the biggest cities to post in, and make sure I have everything setup. Within the next hour I hope to have posted all 10 ads, and starting tomorrow I will begin the task of replying. I'm going to be keeping a watchful eye on my EPC and I might need to employ tactics to water that down, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.