Five Sure Fire Ways To Turn Visitors Into Repeat Customers.

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    To Forum Moderator: Feel free to move this if you think this is in the wrong spot. It has to do with monetizing traffic, but it is also all white hat. Yet it is not "do this, make X amount of $$" kind of post.

    I started to write a response on another forum regarding website building generation tools. The other forum member gave me links to his website and it all looked great. Except it was all feed driven. No original content. He said he was starting to make some decent money, but I could see huge holes in his business model with regards to optimizing his website.

    For long term gains in keeping indexed in the top positions of search engines, I knew this wouldn't last. So what started out to be a response, turned into a consultation, and I finally a full blown piece on what the titles says, Five Sure Fire Ways To Turn Visitors Into Repeat Customers.

    These are not short little tips, but they are easy to implement and are made so for newbies and people who have very little time. Due to the lengthy write up on each point, I'll spare those not into this and for the rest of you who would love to put these methods into action right now, you can read the full piece on my blog.:)
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    post the info here