First Venture Into SEO and Building a Website That Gets Organic Traffic

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    Hi All,

    This project is a serious starting step towards both learning and earning opportunity for me.

    I have decided to revive my 10 month old website which I had built and posted only 2 articles back in January 2014. I will be posting high quality articles and amazon product reviews to this website. I plan on using both adsense and amazon affiliates on this website.


    • Post guides and general information articles about the products
    • Post few amazon product reviews and top 5 articles
    • Focus on having more product comparison articles since through product review articles it is hard to offer anything extra to the reader which they cannot find in amazon website
    • Create pyramid/tiered links to this website to rank the pages in google searches

    Softwares I Plan To Buy:

    • Long Tail pro (already bought) - To get relevant keywords and track the rank of the website
    • ScrapeBox - To get a list of wesbites, web 2.0 properties, social bookmarking websites for backlinking purposes
    • The Best Spinner - To generate content for SEO
    • Ultimate Demon - To create tier-1 backlinks
    • GSA SER - To create tier-2 and tier-3 links


    • Create 20 pages of content by 31st October. 2-3 articles per week.
    • Start tier-1 link building from first week of October
    • Get 50 visitors per day on my website by 31st December

    Suggestions Needed From You Guys:

    • Any other software I need for this project?
    • Which service providers to use for SEO articles, Amazon product articles and General Content articles?
    • Whether my goals are realistic or not.
    • Should I go for a SEO company rather than doing it myself?

    I would try to update the thread regularly but may miss sometimes.

    Wish me luck guys!
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