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Discussion in 'CPA' started by DuoDeep, Feb 13, 2012.

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    I do not know how many of you will give attention to this topic but I will pray very nice to be sociable as possible.
    I know that each of you have a story .. successful or less successful. This forum really helped me to get necessary information.
    All we are here to learn to read, to absorb as much information as possible.
    I tried to talk to some people from this forum using Skype. Then things changed. People are more irritable, they practically sell information. The real bad is when you see a newbie then you try to talk to him on Skype he asks you money or.. he don't want to help.. Why? We are in same boat.
    I opened this topic because I want you to be open as possible .. and if you want .. to share some of your promotion methods.
    If the company you work with does not accept traffic from Facebook, Youtube, Twitter We can use these methods ?

    Facebook / Youtube / Twitter - "Your Web site (landing page, Iframe)" - CPA

    Or this way your account will be suspended?

    Let's share something useful for us!

    CPA used ?
    Traffic Methods ? (I know many of you.. don't share.. But please.. let's help each other)
    Payment Proof ?

    Thank you!.. Sorry for my bad English!
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    IM at home
    You re almost right, and it s not new. But that s not mean there s no good guys!
    I personally try to help people. But i m not doing this in hope to receive something back, it help me too. When i m helping guys new questions, new problems come in my mind.
    It s like wso that guys are buying. You will think, yeah it will work! But not much people are thinking about, why they are selling it?
    If i found a system that really work, i will not sharing it. But i can share some twist idea.
    Well, my IM is on twitter at this time. I m using something like TA, it s my own bot. I m using cpa offers, only freebies. But that s not really important,i think the best you can do is to find what you will use? Search engine? Facebook? Twitter?
    Next, read some topics about what you will choose. And finally mix them!
    My tips here, can be to not use hundred of methodes in same time. Test one or two mix ideas during some weeks, do some changes. If this finally not work, try another mix idea.
    If this work, then... Repeat, and repeat it again!
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    same boat...