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    Let this thread be some like guide for newbies...

    Let's write down, what we do after our blog/website is set up...

    I mean off-page SEO in general, write everything you've remembered...

    When I setup my website, I follow these steps :

    1.) At first I always install these plugins :

    Google XML-Sitemap
    Thesis OpenHook
    All in one SEO
    Measure My SEO

    2.) Fill in Home|Meta Title / Description / Keywords with targeted details

    3.) Settings >> Writing >> Update Services and enter pingin sites (dowload link here

    4.) Add site to Google Webmaster Tools & Analytics

    5.) Add site to RSS Feeds (using

    6.) Register on PodBlaze and add my site with all the keywords (Description + Titles)

    7.) Register on Hubpages and add unique articles with anchored keywords (Be careful with it, use some variations)

    8.) Register on and and add articles published on my site with anchored keywords (They are not unique though, but have some good power too)

    9.) Create public profile at Hubpages/Goarticles/Digg/Twitter/Zimbio with my money site link in it.

    10.) Create Facebook page (even if it's horrible, it's worth to place at least one link there)

    11.) Create Google Plus page (Required) and do the following :

    Add links on my public profile

    Fill Bio with my keywords (Required), that will help you a lot with rankings.

    When someone types your keyword in google, your G+ page is showed mostly, if it's well optimized... And when you have a link there pointing to your money site, it is considered as a very powerful backlink.

    Publish news/page links regulary from your site. (Do the same on Facebook Fan page)

    12.) Register on addmefast (If you have some torubles with gathering points, just register with HMA or other proxy from your aff link, 300 points per new user) and do the following :

    Use Facebook share/like for your posts (Add some text including keywords and a link in the end... 1 social backlink per share + like)

    Use Youtube Likes for your videos.. Make relevant videos with link in your description and put it on addmefast YT likes, you get views + likes...

    When someone likes your video it shows up on his channel = that means 1 backlink per like/share/subscribe

    Do the same with twitter tweets/retweets, Pinterest pins etc etc...

    13.) Try to exchange links with the sites in your niche.

    14.) Comment on relevant blogs too (Use scrapebox if you own it)

    15.) Submit your site to free directories.

    16.) Do the rest off-page SEO :p

    I wrote only what I remember atm... I guess there's no incredible news in my post, just common backlinking for newbies.

    I hope to see your posts & get some experience.

    Everyone can learn from this thread, let us know how you rank your sites...

    Regards, lakim0.
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    Feel free to share your experiences...