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First SEO Client!!!!

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by NeoPat, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. NeoPat

    NeoPat Power Member

    Oct 29, 2011
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    Hello people, excited to say i may have just bumped into my first SEO client, ever!! This happened on the way from shops, i bumped into a man on the road who was selling perfumes, niche specific. I enquired whether he wanted to do an online business, he said he had already set up one but it wasnt doing well.
    I then spoke to him for a few minutes about offsite SEO and link structures. He was bemused, but i knew what i was saying and he knew that too, i always kept a smile ;)
    Anyway long story short, he was asking me do i do SEO work and how much it would cost etc. Split second decision made me say yes, i used one of my own websites for an example, BUT big BUT here i said il do it for FREE!! Took his email down, visited his webpage, straightaway recognised so many things wrong with it, put a few down in an email and emailed him with the keywords i want to target for him, for now, whats wrong with his website, and that we need to come to an arrangement. He replied willingly accepting my advice and help.
    I then, just now, replied saying that i will do the basic setup for free, he wants an ecommerce website, that is easy to setup, with his product images etc. I also said i will do his onpage seo for free, thinking of doing a blog targeting keywords and then reviewing each product, so there is a fresh flow of content related to his products. Anyway always made sure he understood that time, diversity etc is key and everything takes time.
    Due to the fact i will do his onpage SEO for free, i said if he accepts, i will do his offsite SEO for a fixed fee, this will include managing SEO making sure the right link structures are used/created etc. and making sure his website ranks and increases to rank. Hopefully he accepts, if he does i am sorted for a job and money for the next few months, so are a few BHWers who i will be buying services from to help me help this client with his website. I am pretty excited thats for sure, will update on his response.
    I kept on smiling, was welcoming, and willing to help him understand what needed to be done, gave him facts, and gave him figures, thats all. Am trying to rope in another client now in another niche ;)
    Thanks BHW for your wealth of SEO knowledge!!
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  2. grav6

    grav6 Junior Member

    Jan 30, 2012
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    Congratulations, mate.

    Don't let him take advantage of you. You're doing a lot of stuff for free and eventually people can come to expect too much for too little (or nothing). This free work might influence his expectations about the cost of offsite.

    Good luck, mate. Wishing you all the best in your endeavours.