First real dollar from IM,thanks BHW

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    Oct 13, 2011
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    I'm a sales man from a logistics company based in china.But as I graduated from the university with a bachelor degree in the specialty of computer science,I was totally not satisfied with my regular daily job.And you know it's not easy to skip to another job nowadays.And,my son was born last year.I need more money or even economic freedom.

    I've tried several things like Adsense,CPA and HYIP.Not any solid results and the same time I was over-loaded by the information from IM forums and affiliate sites all over the internet,the same way all you guys ever felt I think:there are always new threads to read,new knowledges to learn and new methods to try.Till now I still struggle finding a way to devote myself to or make myself being concentrated on only one specified method.There are too much attractive methods every day.

    At last I launched one gig on fiverr at the beginning of this year
    providing professional solution for any issue on international ocean shipping from/to main chinese seaports.You know that's not difficult for me as it's my daily job in my company.Within one month I got two orders which encourage me to go further on fiverr.So I created the second gig manually building high quality backlinks,that one also brought me two orders in the first month.

    Obviously that's billion miles far away for retirement.I must find other ways to make passive,solid and steady income.Just typing a few words here to share my experice with BHW members.Thanks BHW,no matter how many dollars I earned,it can be attributed to you guys on the forum.Let's improve BHW together.

    Sorry for my English.
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    congratz on taking action thats all that it takes to make money you will make jst stick to one method and improve it and your english is not bad. what other things you know how to do pm maybe ican help on something.
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    Do you want to buy targeted emails ? contact me.
    Content lock and niche sites and CL methods are what I'm gettinng into and I'm going to make millions someday from all of this . You will too if you keep trying
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