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First PM received from my "cpa spam"

Discussion in 'CPA' started by aeLED, Jul 18, 2010.

  1. aeLED


    Dec 16, 2009
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    Im in facebook spam with cpa offers, here in my contry. Today, i receive this Private message:

    Title: - Boa tentativa
    -Diga-me uma coisa. Há alguém que caia nessa? Vão trabalhar para ganhar dinheiro honestamente.

    Title: - Nice try
    -Tell me something. Is there anyone who falls in? Will work to earn money honestly.

    Here is my answer to this guy:
    -Honestamente depende do conceito de honestidade, pois não existe nenhum ponto onde estejamos a ser desonestos, nem a enganar ninguem, mas para acentuar essa ideia, a enganar anda a igreja seculo após seculo, bem como os politicos e gente rica. Resto de boa tarde.

    Honestly depends on the concept of honesty, because there is no point where we are being dishonest, not to deceive, but to accentuate this idea, the trick goes to church century after century, as well as politicians and rich people. Rest good afternoon.

    This is my first guy talking to me about my BH x)

    When this happened, I remembered just the individual who sent a PM by facebook and who threatened him and added a picture of him ... that laugh. I hope to have more and better of these messages, always makes us feel good . heehe ;)

    (I used google tanslator to english, i do not take more time to translate manual sorry :p)
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