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Jun 20, 2012
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nabelea; said:
Hey guys,

I ordered an Ultimate Combo package. They completed the order in 6 days. In 2 days after they completed the order I saw a big improvement in my ranking.

I have to say that my site was hit by Panda/Penguin and I didn't do anything to bring it back to life, since now. Just one keyword was ranking in top 20. The otherones weren't not even in the top100. Now, I have 2 keywords in top 20, and one (with harder competition) in top40.

I am satisfied with the ordered product.
seo_Student said:
Ordered a Combo package and here's a quick review:

Wow! Wow! Wow! Guys, this has to be the finest service personally seen on BHW. Still waiting for a report, but not really waiting ; touching the first page and saw an amazing SERP increase within 3 days. Thank you for this fine service. This thread should be hidden it feels like a discovered treasure.

rhondaklewis; said:
.I just want to say I love you guys, My site is on the first page of google already, Thanks.
One url was so far off google I got tired of looking for it
Forgot to add both urls are one the 1st page.

VKinternetsavvy; said:
I ordered and received the Edu backlinks report. The links were good and working upon verification. He has delivered more links than promised, which is really cool :D

There are two keywords, which seem to have already doing good and the ranking has improved significantly. I can see a good amount of traffic as well in Ganalytics.

Highly recommended.
Daggs1; said:
I ordered three packages on August 25th. Got two orders back. I actually saw one go to page one and made a couple sales already. Thank you for that.

websavvy1983; said:
Though I have not been very active in WF, I have been following the deals here closely and it is easily one of the best deals in WF.

I got the ordered as promised and delivered on time. The seller is courteous and friendly and has provided an extended support with explaining the reports. The reports were excellent and all of the links were valid.

I can already see some of the keywords doing well, and results appearing in the front page with the SERP being 1!

Highly recommended service!

cutetallguy8; said:
I just receive all the report, And its seems all of my keywords and moving up. I already take my 2nd order :)

Quick question, is it safe to order again for the same links and keywords after a month?

hanakuza; said:
Got the report of the Edu backlinks package. Checked the links and most seem good.
Got an even extra Gov backlink. One of the keywords seem to have gotten a temporary boost, thought it returned to the original position. Too early to check the benefits but seems like it's a very good package.
Very recommended. Will get more as soon as other campaigns I have are finished.
rajivonweb; said:
I gave it a shot based on recommendations from my friend here. I am, in short, very impressed with the services and quality. There is a significant increase in PR and for 2 keywords, it is on the first page.

Will definitely buy again and recommend this service to everyone.
johnsmart; said:
Just want to drop a quick positive review about the super combo package I bought two weeks ago from Singhavn. One of my keyword is now on page #2 position 17 on google.

I must say I'm really impress...

Hopefully it would climb to page #1 soon in few weeks time fingers cross.

Guys I highly recommend you give Singhavn a try. They really know what they are doing and their link building package really works.

Will be ordering more soon on a monthly bases in few weeks time.

Thanks Singhavn and keep up the good work.


geared2Win; said:
Hi, here is my Honest Review of this service...

I ordered a Press Release package for my website.
Within 4 days of completion of my order I could see my website in Top 2-3 pages of Google for all my Very Competitive keywords.

Don't waste time in thinking before ordering. I bet, its one of the Best Premium Service here thats offered at such an insane price. I'm now a repeating happy and satisfied customer to this great service. Thank you Avneet for your great services. :)

greyhats; said:
1st campaign:
2 main keyword low competition EMD - rank from nowhere to Number #1

2nd campaign:
Again, 2 main keyword low competition EMD - rank from nowhere to Number #1

3rd campaign:
Ultimate package (3 main keyword, 3 url) low-med competition - rank from nowhere to #5 #4 #5

Still waiting for 2nd and 3rd campaign to be done, but already see improvement on ranking. overall GREAT service

will order again in within days. just wait
People are getting results before even getting the report.

rhondaklewis; said:
one url is #1 woo hoo

Raja Kamil; said:
So I got my review copy for
Pyramid Backlinks (3 Tier) Only $2.55

Here my review.
The speed of work is FAST !
It took less than 24 hour before the report was delivered to me.

At first I'm not satisfied, because I couldn't find my keywords on their comments.
So I shoot them a support ticket.

Then their support explain what happen.
They even redo the work. WOW !

So I must say, until this day (when this review is written), their service are TOP CLASS at CHEAPEST PRICE !

Speed of work 5 Star !
Support 5 Star !
Price 5 Star !
Overall 5 Star !

Keep up the good work !
More order will come in....!

Best wishes;
Raja Kamil
Cbp007; said:
I ordered ultimate combo order received it few days ago.. it was well reported with full details and the order was over delivered. For quality of work i should rate them as 5 star. Also I can immedietely see my site's rank(one month old site) has increased from 0 to 0.27 (this is just in couple of days)..

I would wait for some more time to see my site in google's first page :)

cutetallguy8; said:
I just receive all the report, And its seems all of my keywords and moving up. I already take my 2nd order :)

Quick question, is it safe to order again for the same links and keywords after a month?

marispb; said:
I have 40 campaigns with Singhavn and his team is great! ;) they deliver great results and have great communication. Thank you!

r00st3rsauc3 said:
the best testimonial is a repeat customer.
ultimate combo ordered again
Sandycmy; said:
Received the report of work done - Ultimate Combo. Good Job ! Search rankings for few keywords have definitely improved. Thanks
AnthonyCorleone; said:
got my report but I don't remember buying this service? 0.o
anyway here's report:
500 bookmars all looks )) and tons of wiki links
the best 7 blogposts .edu with DA 65-99 most o them 85+
and PA with 31-61 then PR 4,5,6,8

and for each keyword im now at 2-5 page is medium competition keywords

after all 10 of 10

EDIT: try to order again same package but didn't found PM me where i can find it please

mrwayne85; said:
Great service. Got my report and satisfied. And I saw improvement in Google too.

BlueChipBrain; said:
After so much of hesitation, got my order here. I could not deny what others have said about his service, he was sending reports on a daily basis. It was a pleasant and great experience, the communication was very good.

I did check the links provided in the reports and they all worked and were legitimate. Fingers crossed and expecting some traffic.

Highly recommended his service!

max168; said:
I ordered the Lite Combo package to see how it worked and I can say that I have seen an increase in traffic and the site moved up to #2 for the keyword in Bing. Nothing yet for Google. I do have to say that I have no idea where it was in google to start. For all that matters, it might be lost somewhere in Siberia.

I have put in an order for another site, but this time I ordered the ultimate combo package.

arthurfan92; said:
I ordered the Press Release service. The order was completed quickly and the press release itself is of high quality. Great service!

Will order again!

cloakme;;5241760 said:
Wow, a press release to SB wire and PR buzz for 19 dollars. That is the deal of the year. I will be using you all the time as long as it is a good release...
denologis; said:
I purchased a lite combo of your service and happy with the work + result. :)

Now I'm interested in your video service offer. Could you please pm me explaining more detail of it (sample, site list, etc).

Kyle Oliveiro; said:
I was lucky enough to get a review copy of the 3 Tier Pyramid from Singhavn.

The report was delivered promptly, and it contained all the links that were promised in the package, plus a bit more which Singhavn and his team overdelivered.

All .edu links were on forum profiles are stated, and were all ********.

This is truly a great service at this price, and I will definitely be ordering more.
DNChamp; said:
Ok got my review back....First his order system is pretty smooth so A+ for that.

Got the link pyramid and just did a spot check on each. Links were in place as described. Did over deliver on a few of the comments and profiles. As expected the blog comments are beat to death so after a while this pyramid may fall. However though its still great for the price and for resale.

Just placed another order!
websavvy1983; said:
This is my second order and I could not be happier. PR has already gone up after my first order, so I am here for more.

Again, highly recommended and satisfied transaction.
Coldevil; said:
Hi, i ordered a few packages, including the video creation/submission, press release and more.
All the links are there, the vidoes are better then i expected and i do expect some good juice frome these. The press release is fine.
All in all well worth the money my advice is get on board. I've paid a lot more for worse work on these boards so thank you

dave19london; said:
Just have the report back for the video submission and i can say what a great service. Videos are a great way to bring in traffic to your website. I had a report within 6 days. Very fast service.

Just ordered more services... Thanks

cp4ever; said:
Wow Thanks So Kindly! Received my order very quickly will be checking the links later TY!
OldCoder; said:
Today I have received the report of my Super Combo package that has been ordered on Jan, 5. I have found all of checked blogposts & weblinks in accordance with my requirements. Moreover, I have also already registered the growth of my site positions in Google - at least on the low-frequency requests ;-)

Ray Rolls; said:
Just received one of my packages (Press Release Report). I must say that I am HIGHLY IMPRESSED and I order a ton of services (unfortunately most fall short). The report was extremely well written and placed. I am givng you guys a 10 on this one. I eagerly await the fulfillment of my other orders. Thanks fellas.


PaarthInfra; said:
Really Nice Service for quick effects.

AnthonyCorleone; said:
Got my 3ed report as always outstanding work nice ranking results
amazing service as always

AnthonyCorleone; said:
Placed my 4th order with this service cuz is the best duhh
this service kick ass so far the best I seen on bhw and I seen a lot trust me

P.S. gone a place order right now for article submission see how it goes and post review later, im sure is gone a rock hard as any other your services
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Jan 9, 2012
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Bookmarked! Will definitely try this soon!

How many URL's and Keywords allowed for the Combo Deal?

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May 24, 2010
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Ordered combo package, couldn't help myself...
Will post an update once i'll receive the report and start seeing results.
If its any good i'll order more


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Jan 5, 2013
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there seems to be plenty of reviews above, bookmarked, will be ordering in next 24 hours


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Oct 18, 2012
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Order placed for a site where I've been monitoring the rankings steadily for a few months so should be able to tell if there's an effect.

I like your backend form, nice and simple.


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Jan 25, 2012
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Do you offer drip feed ? What article do you use for the web 2.0 ? Do you use images and videos in the web 2.0 ?
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Nov 4, 2009
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I'm interested in the PR package. It looks quite confusing. So the price is $19 right? How many press release do I get with that service?


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Mar 20, 2009
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Definitely bookmarking this one for later use, looks promising!


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Nov 23, 2010
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Interesting. I will try your services. Transaction no. **********5978505


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Dec 23, 2009
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Bookmarked for later use. Will most def order in a few days.