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    Hi guys,

    Let me first explain my solution. It's an tax service orientated towards musicians. I'm currently building an email list, I'll probably have 10k emails by the weekend. This is also a U.K. only service.

    It's not really an SEO issue as it's not a service that people know about so instead of people searching for a service they don't know about, I need to push it out there. I'm currently in the process of scaling up FL on twitter and Instagram so have that side covered. Of course I'm looking at other methods too.

    Anyway, back to the main point, I've dabbled in email campaigns before on a small scale, but never really had that much success as my tactics were quite poor.

    I already have a website set up. The points I need assistance with are:

    - ideas for email subject headers (I've googled some stuff but would like some input from here)
    - general 'hook' advice for email content
    - landing pages advice (with examples I f possible)

    My overall aim is to have the targeted visitors to leave their mobile number and email address. Once I have that, it's pretty much a guaranteed lead as I can sell extremely well over the phone. I've advertised on FB before and I usually convert 80% of sales calls.

    Back to the main point, this is an email campaign and looking for the best possible tips. My English is excellent and I can quickly create content, and structure my site to funnel traffic etc. My general IT and photoshop skills are quite advanced too, so give me your best!

    Thanks in advance guys,

    All the best
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