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    Hi bhw after while. I would like to thanks the community for all the info shared here.

    By searching part time job Ive came across guy who was looking for site transferm. Ive made some research around his brand, reviews on coupon sites and of the site. I ve suggested him the site he is using is not the best option SEO-wise and some stuff around about BB. Ive get offered to rebuild the site.

    Some slacking around almost left the job. Ive told my friend to join me since I wont finish it alone coz... alot of stuff Im young and Ive been used to do another things leaving the LoL after almost getting pro has some cons and pros. Okay my best friend joined me at first watching how things get done then doing basic stuff and then moving to advanced at this one site.

    Getting him to this wasnt a big deal since he was listening my blabla-ing about IM for while.
    Basicly we builded the best site in particular niche in our country. Job was supposed to be paid through husband but he ended up ignoring us and we got paid by wife.

    What I like was personal contact Ive build really good relation ship with owner and manager. After telling the wife whats matter she immediatly took steps to pay us upcoming day and told me her IT friend was asking about the site. She asked me if she can give him my number and then phoned him right away to call me. Having a good relationships is great.

    We went down with price before even calling with the guy just for kidness, good approach and so on... Its first site who cares. We offered them maintance and social media work. To make it faster and let them see we will deliver results I m up for going first month free to proove.

    Site is being just SEO optimazed and we are done.

    Moral of story? If you cant work alone find partner, be kind and open on meeting and dont hesetiate to share information I m really open and transparent. Starting slowly the big journey for sweet life.
    Once again thanks for valuable information you put in time and formulating better than this.
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