First $29.99 sale of my niche digital service

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    Jul 2, 2012
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    Hi guys. i registered BHW today as you can see but i'm not new to it at all(~ year of peeking on all your posts!).
    I come from a technical programming background so i've always build stuff for the fun and messed with stuff but
    it's only in these past months that a lightning bulb went off and i decided it's time to make a niche web service with
    a call to action button to see if i can make money online and not spend time only watching people
    try it out.

    Last friday my 61th user who gave my free trial a shot actually bought the full service which costs $29.99.
    I was blown by the underlining fact that all the stuff i've made before turned nothing because i didn't try to and this simple hack web service
    that took me a week tops to make already turned profit (after a google dance for three weeks) and it's on "auto-pilot" mode.

    I would love to hear from you people that passed this same path and made a sale for any suggestions as to what to do next?
    should i focus on this one product and try to bring it to a level where i make a sale per day or should i explore building
    other web service that could cash in in the same manner instead?

    Either way, i'm glad i finally registered to the forum. I'm sure i'll have good input for alot of things and would love discussing with
    like minded people!
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