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Received the top level package from Finn.

Everything from metrics to website quality and content was excellent and the results have been insane. I asked Finn to try the service on a brand new website that only had a handful of web 2.0's pointing at it and the results have been totally unexpected and nothing short of brilliant.

It's the first time I've shared a ranking report like this during a review:

That speaks for itself, brilliant service.

Mod Edit - 26/04/17
Finn has updated his sales graphic, the following promises have been removed from his service:
  • A promise of homepage OBL's 10-20 has been removed.
  • Average RD drop from 150-200 to 50 average.
Mod Edit - 25/07/17
I was just checking these links out of curiosity when comparing a few PBN's I've used for an unrelated reason. 45 out of the 50 domains used for the review copy are no longer indexed, a lot of the sites have been removed or parked for whatever reason. Very strange... These links appear to have lasted less than 6 months.
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Possibility of custom Orders? I have a new site but i wouldn't want 15+ posts. Maybe 5 to start with.

Good Luck with sales btw, you clearly impressed I Know SEO
What a glowing recommendation, I have a few sites that will require this kind of service in the coming weeks/months.
Wow, can't argue with a review like that. Good stuff, Finn.
Tried your diversity package so keen to give this a go, too.
Best of luck!
Edit April 2017: I heard some things have changed in this service, so please note that this review may be outdated at this point in time.

Back in 2016, Finn contacted me asking if I could review his first BST, Hercules Diversity. Now, as I mentioned back then, I normally avoid reviewing marketplace threads for other members. In fact, many of you may already be aware of the fact that I turn down numerous opportunities to review the services here. However, Finn's always been a nice guy around the forum, so I made an exception for him back then, and I don't regret it in the least bit, especially after seeing not only how many positive reviews he's received (with the results to back it up), but the level of professionalism Finn conducts himself with in the marketplace.

Similarly to the review I left for his first BST, I'm going to follow the same format and list what I liked about the service and what I think could use improvements.

What I Liked
I like to start off with the positive aspects of each service
  • The results were, as @I know SEO said, are pretty good. However, you should keep in mind that the keywords were low competition.
  • The domains were aged up to 20 years, just as the service claimed.
  • The word counters I used on the PBN stated that the articles were between 300-400 words, just as described.
  • I copy and pasted parts of the articles just to make sure they didn't appear on any other sites, and I'm pleased to say they didn't.
  • The keywords in the ranking report weren't just some garbage queries; people were actually searching for them. I actually found this last bit important, because anyone could just plug in some 0 searches/month no competition keywords and say, "Look at the results", but Finn took the time to target numerous keywords with monthly searches for the report.
What Could Use Improvement
Major or minor problems, there's always going to be something I don't like about a service, and I don't shy away from mentioning these problems when I see them.
  • The PBN articles sounded a bit "funny" in some places, but then again, they're written better than a great majority of the PBN articles I've seen (and I've seen some bad ones).
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PM me coupon code please.

Placed an order. Would wait for the results. Hoping to crash to the front page.
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It says in the thread no review copies and 30% discount, not that hard to notice tbh.

If you can answer me these questions and send me coupon and sample in PM:
Is this a fresh network? There are no posts except people who already ordered?
What are the search volumes of I Know Seo's keywords? And when did the link building start? To see how long it takes to see effect.

Good luck for finn sales :)
I'm sure your service will sell like hotcakes, why? Because you are professional! I would order and also for Hercules! Guys go there, finn is going to get your serps up
Sorry for My english :eek:
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