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    people always ask "how do i find a niche"
    nobody is going to tell you how they find niches, because that defeats the point of a niche. the minute you share it, its no longer a niche

    my opinion of finding a niche. dont worry about it

    you will know when you have found one. you can rack your brain for hours trying to think of some obscure shit, only to find someone has already covered it. just carry on your life and pay a bit of attention. i recently round a absolute killer niche which gets over 15000 searches a month (in my country) and has literally no sites about it. my site has been up for 1 week and already is number 6 on page 1 for its main keyword, and is already getting over 100 hits a day

    how did i find this killer niche?

    i was looking for something online, and nobody was doing it. i didnt go looking for it, it found me. like morpheus in the matrix (kind of). im sure all of you spend a few hours a day online. think about every thing you are looking for, every site you visit, and sure enough, you will find your very own killer niche soon.

    wanna know what niche i found?
    im not sharing ;)

    just keep your eyes open and your brain thinking.