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    I am not a Moz or Majestic or Ahrefs member, so how do I get my backlinks. The only tool I have that specifically does this is Traffic Travis.( I do own other tools, Scrapebox, GSA SER, LTP, Market Samurai, and a few more, will any of these check my backlinks and I just don't know it) I tried Small SEO Tools and it gave me only 10 backlinks. I also tried GWT, it said I have 12k+ links but only gave referring domains. I need to know where the referring link is so I can try to index it. I was looking in Traffic Travis and it showed that most of my links are not indexed by Google. However, GWT showed several referring domains that TT did not. I know these links from GWT exist because I built them with AutoFill Magic. So I don't know if my backlinks are indexed or not indexed, if they really exist or they don't exist, I don't know anything. One very time and energy cheap ways to get backlinks would just be to index the ones I already have. How do I figure this out? A) what URLs are linking to my site B) are they indexed (even if indexed I may still backlink them by social bookmarking or something) C) who do I hire to index the links I have PS something is wrong with my BHW interface today, It is all screwy.