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    Hey guys,
    I am interested in creating an e-commerce site in an attempt to make some passive income. I was thinking of using some keyword tools to determine what types of products are searched for a lot on the internet, and then want to verify whether or not widget x has a high chance of conversion given I do the proper blog marketing, social media marketing etc...

    Is this a practical idea?

    Also, I am hoping to find a product that I would not even have to handle. I don't want to keep inventory as I am a college student. Rather, I'd like to have a third party ship for me. I'd just like my web property to do the job of netting sales and then receiving a cut from each sale.

    With a venture like this, is it better to stick to one or two niche product sites and put a lot of energy into marketing them or is it more efficient to put a little energy into marketing a lot of different product sites (like 10, 20 or even 100 sites)?

    Has anybody here done anything like this here before? If so, what are some good companies that would let me resale their products?

    Anybody have any ideas on what products may have high earning potential online that I could start looking into?

    Also, what analytical tools would the people here suggest I use to determine which products to sell?

    How do reseller sites typically work? Do I have to use a wholeseller? I only have about $300 to invest into products right now. I plan on making the website and doing all of the marketing myself (I have experience in computer science and internet marketing, but no real e-commerce experience). What I need most from somebody here is strategic advice on how to set something like this up.

    Useful links/book suggestions on the subject of online reselling would also be helpful.
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