Find your own niche, know your own potential.

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    Now first off before I start I too was at the point where I would ask people what niche they were using and i see now that I was being lazy then, I was looking for the easy money with little work.

    If you truly want to make money online, FIND YOUR OWN NICHE.

    No it don't mean a niche no one else out there is using, I mean find a niche that you know about. A niche you have the most potential to make something out of.

    Asking people what niche they use is pointless;
    - They more than likely won't tell you.
    - You'll fail anyways as you are simply not working hard enough.

    Try try and try again!

    I have failed so many times but each one of those times I have learned something, hell I'm not even making a lot of money right now but I am making a hell of a lot more now than when I was going around PMing people for niches.

    Basically, stop being lazy. Test things out, don't expect to succeed at first as most of the time the best success stories stem from massive failures.

    Happy Holidays.
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