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    Hello guys,

    I was bored ("not really bored" just had to take some time off my Visual Studio..)
    so I decided to write a short tutorial for newbies on how to find/scrape directory submission and search engines URLs that you can add your websites! (Yes more backlinks! and yes for free!)

    This method is very simple all you need is:

    1. Browser
    2. G00gle


    the idea is to find pages that let you add links to them (you can also use SB to scrape it and make a giant list :D)

    usually the submission urls looks like :addsite.php ,add_link.html , addurl.php, add_url.php addlink.php, submit_link.php (or other extensions like .asp, .aspx etc)

    go to google and use "allinurl:pattern"
    for example:
    allintitle:"add your website"

    you got the point.. now go get your submission list and start to add your websites.

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    Great tip! Though designing a tool that submits them is a totally different story!

    Which tool do you suggest for automatic directory submissions?