Find How Much Traffic a Page gets day/month thats not yours??


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Nov 13, 2009
I need a way to find how much traffic any sites pages get. not the whole site in general but just a certain page from this site. It would really help me out. I know people would say use Market Samurai and see how much the traffic the keyword is getting a day but this would just be an estimate.
is it possible? think it willl be possible if they are using free tracking that allow others to see their status
A think that the only way is to see the number of searches in google keyword tools,and compare this to the rank in serps.

Like: If a keyword get 3000 and he is in 3,he will get 5%....(i dont remeber now the %)

The other way is to use,they will give the most visiteds pages of a site,then at least you can have a notion of the visits.
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