financially pissed off!!!!

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    I'm a pretty easy going guy anyway, i have been waiting very long(and still waiting) to setup a new online business venture. For the past few months i have sat and listened to all of these financial services BULLSHIT "security" claims and shrugged them off one by one, each setting my goal 1 more week away from achieving. Yesterday i went into the bank and deposited $130 into my account that had a $0 balance to begin with, i phoned to transfer funds to my mosaik prepaid account, all the money i'd deposited. 30 mins later i get a call saying that the transfer didn't go through because there is a hold of $30 for "security" reasons. Again i shrug it off. She asks if i want to transfer the other $100. Sure. It goes in to my prepaid mosaik account. The next day(today) i go into my bank branch and figure that if i'm there then the "security" issue will be executed. No. The reason from the jerkoff teller at the counter? "We don't know what could have gone into your account, paper, empty envelope, anything." At this point I FINALLY am ROYALLY PISSED OFF. If they give me the green light to transfer the small amount of $100 then why the FUCK are they stopping me from tranferring an even more measly amount of $30? Security issue my white ass!

    There's my $0.02 on this issue, feel free to chip in and tell me what the hell's going on and why they "have" to do this for "security" issues.
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