Finally Registered - Sure some of you hate me

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Dec 26, 2008
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Been reading for a long time but finally registered because I was tired of not being able to see the forums that you need to be registered for. Now Im making a thread to get rid of that text to make a thread in the header. :)

Anyways been doing the internet thing for a long time now. I spend most of my time working and not writing and reading on forums anymore.

Some of you probably know me from DP where I am a moderator and probably banned you for spamming the BST section.
We don't hate you.

We don't think about you at all.

Sorry to burst yer bubble.

Welcome to the forum.
Moderators from DP becoming a member here? well i guess someone will welcome you.
I believe in this person, out of all of their moderators this one's the coolest in my experience :cool: - but whether or not it doesn't matter, welcome to the forum.
There's no hate on BHW.

Sometimes people annoy us but that's no reason for hate.

This is a sign that the internet is coming to an end, you all must repent, pray to Jesus(Bill Gates) and beg God (Al Gore) to save us all.
and if all the religions fail you, or you just don`t think any of them will fit you, just join the church of google and join googlism.
Not open for further replies.
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