Finally Out of -50 Penalty!!!

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by 0zzy, Dec 6, 2011.

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    Hello Guys,

    It was the end of August when I got hit by the -50 penalty. I was ranking on 5th page of Google for all my competing keywords, even for my exact match keyword which was found in my domain name. It is important to mention that prior to it I was ranking #2 for a very competitive keyword. Lets have a look at my traffic and try to find what helped me get out of it.


    The exact date of the penalty was observed in September, 1st and the penalty was lifted in December 5th which means approximately 93-95 days.

    Its not that I take Matt Cutts words for granted however in a video he mentions that the penalties a site gets automatically from the algorithm have an expiry date, meaning that various penalties (the ones set automatically and not the manual reviewed ones) have various expiry dates. Since I was hit by the -50 penalty (which seems to be an automatic penalty set by the algorithm) it ended in this period of time.

    What changes did I do to my site in order to help get out the penalty?

    First of all I sent a reconsideration from Google Webmaster Tools which they responded within a week that my site was breaking their TOS's, tried to change a couple of stuff which I thought were against Google TOS and re-applied for reconsideration, again the same shit and then I said with myself, fuck big G I'm gonna get the site out of it by myself!

    I got some authority sites (PR 6-PR7) link to my site via in-content links, meaning they wrote an article for me and I had my link inserted (Google bot seems to like more the links coming from the content rather than links in the footer / sidebar)

    I logged in to my Adsense and I saw I had earned $$ from my banned site and I thought how was it possible since it was banned. When I went to my Analytics I saw that frickin graph and I was like WTF :)

    Now I've got some questions for all the ones who are banned or think are banned due to the -50 penalty, give me your cases, in here or in private and I will see what I can find for you. The important thing is analyze whether you had a manual ban or an automatic one, from there we can go on

    Sorry for this lenghty post, back to checking my Adsense stats now :snowwave:
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    I got out of -700 penalty not too long ago my self. Lasted for solid 6 months :D
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    Good shit...

    Goes to show the importance of good quality backlinks, most people think
    its a bunch of hoopla and bullshit.......

    Not the case. I've gotten myself and others out of similar penalties using
    the same strategy you implemented, matched with some on-site cleanup.
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    which service did u order from?

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    good question..... what service?????