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    Hey fellow BHWers!

    I've been a member for a year and a half but never got around to making an introduction. There's a reason I never made an introduction and I think its a pretty interesting story (maybe inspiring to some) so I figure hell, why not share it...

    I was first shown BHW by a friend of mine that I used to E-whore with. We both did it independently but shared information on how to make as much money as possible. This was like 2 years ago and I was pulling in over $1k a week. This friend mentioned BHW while chatting through AIM one day and I took a look and registered.

    Not even a week later I blacked out while driving my car and crashed into a concrete mailbox post. The rest of this part is all what I was told by my doctor and family...

    It turns out I had a grapefruit sized tumor on my right frontal lobe that caused a vein to rupture in my brain which caused the blackout. Luckily I was driving on my local street fairly slowly so I didnt get injured in the wreck. My brain however was put into a situation similar to a stroke where the longer the rupture remained unfixed the more damage that would be done. I was lucky to be in a car accident I guess and not home alone as this caused the neighbors to call an ambulance and since I was unconscious I got an MRI on arrival to the hospital. This is where the tumor and rupture were discovered and I was scheduled for emergency surgery.

    Obviously the surgery was a success lol and after 19 days in a coma I regained consciousness. I temporarily lost quite a bit of the complicated motor function on the left side of my body so I had to go through rehabilitation for half a year. Thankfully my brain didn't take too much damage and the function has almost been completely relearned.

    Since then I haven't been working (I'm only 21) only school and enjoying life a little bit more with friends and family. I was cleaning out the old bookmarks on my computer (since I hadn't used it much in over a year) and remembered "BlackHatWorld Forum" so I checked it out. Brings back a lot of old memories making money e-whoring! I definitely want to get back into it again so it's time to relearn everything, or rather figure out whats changed since I've been gone :p

    Looking forward to making money online again! It's the only place to be!

    P.S. I've been testing some of the methods on CL lately but having a little trouble getting results. Anyone want to help out I'd appreciate it!