Finally Making A Good Ammount Of Money !!!


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Nov 20, 2008
Well I just started outsourcing and I am making a good 20$ a day from my first day !! I can't believe how good these forums are, I just want to thanks the owners and users of this forum for all the help they gave me, and all the newbie questions they had to put up with from me! My first extra 100$ will definitely be a donation to this forum!

And for all the others noobs that can't make money, read these forums properly there are definitely good methods that can help you.

And again THANK YOU EVERYONE !! I have a feeling 2009 is going to be great !!
Is $20 good money? I dont mean to look down on you at all, But $20 a day wouldnt do it for me
yeah congrats...considering its totally just expand it and bring that up to 40, 60, 80,100+ :)
I'm around $70/day and I am shooting for $140 now, I want to double it in the New Year ...

Congratz! your well on your way!
It took me a while to get to where I feel comfortable and confident.
There is no stopping me now
Is $20 good money? I dont mean to look down on you at all, But $20 a day wouldnt do it for me

And not to look down on you but this is the attitude that force people out of this industry. A lot of people say they are only making this or that per day and eventually give up. Jake has figured out how to make $20 a day..congrats Jake! The only trick now is how to copy the formula over and over again. Keep that outsourcing team busy! :)
I say well done. It's not a lot but it definitely beats $0 which is what many people are making after working their tails off. It's the feeling of success that spurs you on to bigger goals.
Thats great news Jake! Keep up the good work. After seeing a few great months and many bad ones, I take the consistency over any of it. Learned it the hard way. Look forward to reading more from you.
congrats! :) can i be noesy and ask in which field you made it? i.e. cpa, adsense, clickbank etc
I won't say that $20 per day is a "good amount of money" but at least you are heading toward right direction.

Good Luck
Congrats on that.

Important thing is that when you fine tuned this and expanded the concept not to lay back and just watch the money rolling in.

Start a new project and try to monetize it. Stay focused on that until you have the same success as with your current one.

Spreading your ways of getting money online reduces the risk of turning up with nothing when the magic stops working or that specific method gets saturated.

Good luck.
Good for you Jake. it shows you have taken something from this forum and used it to create now its just a matter of now extending your territory by rinsing and repeating. Good luck.
It's all relative. $20 a MONTH is the average wage for a college educated full time employee in Cuba.

$20 a day makes the monthly payment on a new car in the U.S.

I say congratulations.
Congrats Jake! $20 a day is an excellent milestone. Scale it and before you know it, you will be making $200 day.
It's kind of sad reading the replies that say something to the effect of "$20 a day is shitty".

Guess what? All of the billionaires alive today started their lives out making less than $20 a day.

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."
-- Confucius
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