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    Hi, instead of making posts with relevant content but no link to my money site (filler content, more about it here ) i would like to make posts about my niche with different keywords and anchor texts but the same link to my money website.

    For example:
    Post #1
    Article title: Free Clash of Clans hack for infinite gem
    Anchor text (keyword): clash of clans hack
    Unique article about clash of clans hack

    Post #2
    Article title: Clash of Clans Cheats - Never worry about gems again
    Anchor text (keyword): clash of clans cheats
    Unique article about clash of clans cheats

    Post #3
    Article title: Clash of Clans Gem Hack - Unlimited free gems
    Anchor text (keyword): clash of clans gem hack
    Unique article about clash of clans gem hack

    Same link to money site for all of the posts but different titles, articles and anchors. I want to rank all 3 keywords

    I would like to know if i'll get penalized for adding my link in all the posts and if yes the best strategy is to make 1 blog for every keyword and use filler content?

    I wish to use this strategy with link in every post because it's easier than making 2 relevant posts with no link and 1 post with the actual link, if i would use this strategy i have to do 27 articles for 3 keywords
    3 keywords x 3 web 2.0 x 3 articles per blog

    But if i make 3 keywords per blog (3 posts) i have to do only 9 articles.

    This is an example ( ) of web 2.0 with 3 posts filler content (no link to money site) and 1 post with the money site link and the keyword to be ranked
    Post 1 filler content:
    Personal Finance of College Students ? The Best Money Saving Tips!
    Post 2 filler content: Managing Money Is NOT About Managing Money
    Post 2 filler content: Avoid Debt Management Scams
    Article with link and keyword to be ranked (personal loan): Securing Personal Loans With Bad Credit Scores: 3 Options To Consider

    Thanks and I hope you understood something, it's a bit confusing :D
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    The other method you are considering will severely decrease the longevity of your web 2.0 blogs but won't get your site penalised. That said, there's no special benefit in publishing filler articles and linking to your money site from one post except to prevent your web 2.0s from getting deleted.

    Method 1: Low risk of deletion, needs more articles
    Method 2: High risk of deletion, needs 2 times less articles

    Make your choice.