Fill your Adsense Coffer in 2017 with Micro Niche Websites - Updated SEO Guide!

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Jan 6, 2016
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Can you send me the sample please? And what should i do .. i will buy this for sure ! Thanks alot.


Dec 10, 2015
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Still awaiting your response on the mail I sent requesting for a change of niche...Do address this so we can progress.
Thank you.
New niche info received. Thanks for your prompt response.
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Feb 20, 2009
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I'm very interesting in your offer. Can you send me a sample plese? Thanks

I'm very interesting in your offer. Can you send me a sample plese? Thanks

Would like to see a sample please.

Still awaiting your response on the mail I sent requesting for a change of niche...Do address this so we can progress.
Thank you.
New niche info received. Thanks for your prompt response.

Thanks for your interest!
Please check your PM sample and details sent.
Am waiting for your response and order.


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Jan 12, 2016
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Hi luhasr
pls pm me the details and sample sites. complete newbie so pls send some description as well. Thanks


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Feb 20, 2009
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pm me some samples please

May I see a few samples please :)

Hi luhasr
pls pm me the details and sample sites. complete newbie so pls send some description as well. Thanks

sample with keyword details please?

Thanks for your interest!
Please check your PM sample and details sent.
Am waiting for your response and order.





Happy to post my recent earning from the sites those i bought from luhasr, I have seen a great improvement in ranking and so the earnings :)

It's been getting better and better now, So thinking to invest more on this. Thanks for the great service man.

I've ordered 1 MNS to test the service. I got the site done in few days - it was quick. The keyword is good - 1$ cpc and 1$ is average for the related keywords. The WP has great design, the articles are good-enough, and they have pictures too. Few plugins are installed, some of them were configured. Title, description and keywords were already put.
Cheap, fast and well-made MNS - this is what you get here. The other is up to you
I would rate this service with 10/10.
I might purchase more when I have more money. Keep it up this way, luhasr!

My site is done now. luhasr did a great job. Site looks great, keyword is good and I had to do close to nothing. Rating this service 5/5 and recommend it to everyone

MY REVIEW: Let me start with saying that i'm very new to SEO and website building. With that out of the way - the service provided here is TOP NOTCH! The seller answered all my questions ( and there were many ) very fast and patiently , did research and found a very high paying key word. Then he made the domain that i purchased look like a real 100 % functional website! Excellent theme, images, a few articles and YouTube videos. After all the work was done and he delivered the website - my hosting got hacked....everything was lost since my hosting is cheap and they do not back up regulary. The seller was kind enough to redo everything again super fast and i might add - it looks even better this time around.

In Brief - 10 out of 10 on all - price,communication, quickness and quality! For $35 it's a steal, he literally saved me a whole week of work or more. All i have to do now is post my content and build some back links , i can almost smell the adsense money rolling in hahaha The jokes aside - if you are new or fairly new to this type of things or just lazy to do all the hard pulling - buy with confidence. I definitely will buy again.

Recently ordered a Micro Niche site from luhasr. The keyword selection was good. The article content was better than I expected! The overall layout of the site looks nice, too. I'm working on rankings now, and I'll post back on my results. Happy with my purchase :)

I don't know if he's done yet but so far the websites I ordered are amazing! They look very professional and have great content!

Got my keyword choices today and was very pleased with what they were, can't wait to see the finished projects. Luhasr has made very fast responses to my messages, great work so far!

My latest revenue status is for you...

Revenue jumped high after I purchased 25 sites. Now my monthly runrate is around $1200. Planned to flip few sites in Flippa and focus on less number of sites. Never wanted to depend on Google too much... :)

The website was finished today and it looks amazing, it surpassed my expectation. It looks very professional and it's filled with good content!

I purchased 10 sites from luhasr. The sites look great and he's always quick to reply to emails. I plan on ordering more soon. Thanks!

Ordered another page as well and emailed you about it. Looking forward to another great niche site of yours

My site completed.
Communication with the seller very good, responsive and helpful. The keyword is good. The wordpress theme has great design, the articles are good and the pictures too. Plugins are well configured. For this price, its worth it.
Recommended this service.

I received my 10 mns sites recently and I thought I would give a review.

Luhasr replied to all my emails in a quick manner. The 10 sites were up faster than I had thought they would be, which was very nice. The quality of the sites was top notch, I didn't quite know what to expect but these mns managed to exceed my expectation. The layouts were clean and look legit. All the articles that are included were long and relevant to the specific niche. I will keep updating when this starts making money from adsense.

I plan on buying more in the future.

Hello every one. I just want to give you all a hones review about this service.
All I can say is that op is a very serious person, everything that we agreed was made according to plan. Sites are of high quality and the design is really looking great. Op had no problem answering my newb questions and was very patient with me. All I can say I will be back for more. I will update when my earnings start coming in. If you are in doubt in getting this service, I can say don't waste any time and take it before it expires.

Again thanks for your services and count on 5 more

Here is my Review:

Luhasr and his team did a great job in desigining my 3 adsense sites. I had my own 3 domains and keywords which was no issue with these guys developing a site around my chosen domains/keywords. The articles supplied was better than i thought it would be. The theme provided was an excellent choice for adsense sites. They included vids which was a shock but I was very happy with this addition. Overall I am very pleased with the site. I would recommend anyone who is looking for adsense sites to give him a try. His support alone is worth the price you pay. Thanks Luhsar for the wonderful addition to my portfolio.

Quick update on my purchase.

little background, I'm pretty new to the seo scene so this is my first pop. My day job is sysadmin so been round the block a bit! I am generally very wary of these get rich quick schemes as if they worked why the selling them right?

Must say I am so far happy with what's been provided, its basically a very snappy 4 page Wordpress site with some pics and a nice logo. Pras provided a nice keyword to target and I bought the domain and sorted hosting.

in fairness his first language probably isn't English so had to tweak some of the content a little but nothing major.

im going to get some more connect written for the front page as I'm told this. Is more important than spamming links,to have quality. Obviously links are good as well of course!

ive had a 99cent cpc each day it's been running so far with virtually no traffic so was amazed! Shows what is possible wi traffic I. Guess.

over all I'm happy to be honest and would recommend this service.

Really good work.
I have payed and 15 minutes latter i have received my niche, keyword, stats and all to start my work.
He have good support and answered all question. Fast support!
Nice template, with colors, custom logo and fast work he have doed.
Now its only Wait and receive my money.
Good price, and good results.

I purchased one of these micro niche sites and it is now done. It looks good and very professional. The OP was very helpful and responded to every question I had. I will now try to send traffic to the site and see what it brings! Thanks for all the help. I will post back in about a month with a screen shot hopefully! I will be doing more business with you thanks!

It's been month and a half since I've ordered one MNS from luhasr and maybe a bit more than a month since it is live. I've just checked the webmaster tools, because I'm struggling with ranking one other MNS and just from curiosity checked the MNS that I got from luhasr... I STRONGLY RECOMMEND THIS DUDE!!! A MONTH WITHOUT EVEN A SINGLE LINK BUILT BY ME AND THE BLOG IS FIRST PAGE FOR SEVERAL KEYWORDS!!!
So this is how you do it - you get your asses here, get MNSs, do some SEO and hit the first spot, not just the first page!!!
Satisfaction?? Guaranteed!!
Thanks, luhasr!

I'll give my updated review of the 4 sites I bought 3 months ago. Two of the sites I realized weren't built on easy to rank keywords, which was my fault for accepting them. The next one is making money but less than $15/month. The last site, which was the first one I bought now makes ~$30/day even with an average of 0.28 cpc. The key to success is to build your sites on low competition keywords, followed by a slow link building strategy. Thanks again for the great service.

I can only say that you realy get good service from Luhasr and fast replay on all questions you have.
And even if you are as i am new to this he takes time to help and geting the best for your needs.
One more site ordered transaction ID for this payment is: XXXXXXXXXXXXX911H

I've purchased one site , and OP has made great professional job in very short term .
Everything is perfect , professional and looking good !
Now i'm only waiting for aging my domain so i can build some backlink into .
Thank you OP , you're an expert .

My site is ready by OP. Looks professional with good looking theme, logo, well written articles with keywords, etc... I am overall happy with the site. I will add more content and will slowly build the backlinks.

I'll come back after a month to give my review about the site does and to buy one medium size package.


Got my second site a week ago. Changed some minor things to my liking and did very little offpage SEO for it (I mainly wanted to keep it on hold until i find the time to do proper link building). Today i just wanted to check index and kw status and found some amazing stats. Ranked for 3 keywords on page 1 already with close to no work done on my part.

When I ordered the site, I asked for something "easy to rank" (since I'm new in the SEO business and can't rank competitive KWs yet) but I didn't expect it to be THAT easy :p

I'd say mission accomplished. 5/5 ;-) Going to order again for sure in the future.

Hello sir

How is it going with my sites
Almos finished?
I'm looking forward to order more. I checked the rank, they already are on 3rd and 7th page.
I hope i can get them to first page!

Best Regards

My site got delivered in few days! Excellent value for money. Some delays at start but that was due to the fact I wanted UK keywords.

OP did a great job, made a very good looking site, good content, added Adsense code (just got approved) and even a small branded banner! Will order 3 more soon! Very impressed!

Got my first site up and running and i can only say that i am realy happy whit the work thal Luhasr puts in. I am now waiting on my second site and it is a bit tricky as it is a wery special nich and i know that it will turn out realy good.. and today i did a new order on a new sit to as i can only say that it is well spent money.You get rely good help and all your questions will be responded fast from Luhasr. As i think that many are like me new to this and are a bit confused on how it works i can only say that it is no problem at all as you get all support you need from Luhasr.So many thanks for this service.

I ordered three MNS, there are delivered. VERY good design and quality.
The are ranked on page 3 and 7, without touching anything.
Great service! ++


Just wanted to come back to say that I received my first MNS from Luhasr. The process takes just a couple of days and the site is stunnning I have to say! So thanks a lot Luhasr!

I 'll have to learn to play around with that adsense plugin tho > Back to work!

My order was completed yesterday. The MNS looks good and professional. The contents are will written. I will have to wait and see if the site can make any money. I will give a 2nd review in a couple weeks.

I purchased one site to test the service, and I must say the site looks really good. From the logo, design, colors, videos and content was professionally done. I will have to wait and see how the site performs. Highly recommended. Thanks.

review: i just purchased and so far so good. communication is fast even if there were some initial delays due to the weekend. hopefully, it will catch up. i will provide more feedback once my order progresses. thanks!

I recently ordered 1 MNS,

I am happy with the service provided, site looks good and has been delivered in time and support/communication has been very good

thanks luhasr

My latest revenue screenshot.

Just a small motivation for all newbies. All credit goes to luhasr and my SEO partner.


My site has been completed today, luhasr provided great support and great looking site. Recommend and will buy more sites from this service:)

Received 10 sites today. Fast delivery, just a few days after purchasing the domains - very impressed. Rate 10/10 for time delivery !

The websites have good articles, great banner and beautiful theme. I am satisfied with them. Rate 9/10 for websites !

The keywords are ranking nowhere in Google, but just 1 week, I will come back for a review of the earning and ranking of the keywords soon. It depends on us, the keywords Luhasr gave me are very good to rank.

Everytime I have questions for Luhasr, I always received the answers very quickly. Rate 10/10 for communication !

One of the best services I've used. Highly recommended :).
Thanks a lot Luhasr

My websites is done. The communication process went very well and fast.
Each articles look greats and passed copyscape. I still haven't got time to check the grammar error.
Thank you very much.

I got one from luhasr in the health niche. Ordered about a week or two ago. The site instantly ranked in position 90 on the first day for the main keyword (we got .net EMD). Up to this day, with no SEO efforts at all, it is now in position 59. For the last few days it has gained ranking by about 3-6 positions daily (Remember - no SEO or links done to it yet). Got a few clicks on the ads too, but nothing too major by now, as the traffic has not yet kicked in (Acceptable for position 59).

Going to place another order soon to see how it goes with the 2nd site.

Either way, I'd rate the service 10/10. Speed, content and communication was superb.


I've bought 10 more MNS's And i'm very satisfied with the result. Great quality provided as usual!
Answers questions within a few hours! Great service! ++

2nd review: i'm still in the keyword research as im very picky with my keywords. he is very patient with me. im hoping that we can finalize the keywords this weekend and start working on the site next week. i'll keep you posted. thanks!


- 2400 EM Avg. monthly searches KW
- Well design with some eye-catching images
- 2 unique, good enough, SEO articles

Will order more


On my part, I delayed 2 months after ordering this service before getting back in touch with Luhasr. He was happy to finish my order.
Domain was available.
Template and articles/content is beautiful and keyword density is very nice.
5 days to complete. (Did run into login issue but quickly sorted that out)

Will order again, thank you Luhasr.

After a few weeks with a mns should I add more articles? I already bought one mns from luhasr and it is ranking within the first page without any seo..

Place your order guys! This service is REALLY I ever saw concerning MNS.
My next order is coming soon.

Here's my review, I have order one MNS site, its look pretty cool. The article are well write, I didn't detect any error yet. The theme was nice, the ad are place in the good position. I give 10 out of 10

Thanks alot and do your great job forward

Here is my review. I ordered my first site a little over 3 weeks ago. Site looks very professional with good seo articles. Currently page 11 google. position 32 on both msn and yahoo and I have not built any backlinks yet. I ordered a second site which was just completed. Same quality as the first site. looking forward to building links and ranking these sites.

Yeah Luhasr is legit. His service is like George Brown's Google Sniper, but you don't do any of the work yourself lol. Excellent response time and a nice KW with .c\o/m EMD available too. Thanks bro - I'll be back 4 more.

Latest Revenue from my micro niche sites:

Revenue is now stable. I think its time to buy more sites and expand my portfolio. I'm aiming for $5000 before June 2014. Expecting some ideas from luhasr on this...


After reading so many positive reviews and quick turnaround time, I decided to put in an order for 10 sites. I got the keywords and EMDs pretty quickly (either .org or .net) and I was pretty happy with them. Asked Luhasr to change one for me that I wasn't sure about and he delivered me a great keyword to replace it with.

I didn't want to bother Luhasr too much, and thankfully I didn't have to because I saw him making changes to my sites constantly and yesterday they were all done. My sites had their own logos, pictures, articles, everything looks good. This is my first time in the MNS business so I asked Luhasr for some advice on Adsense placement and SEO and I was very quickly given a response.

I'm going to put in work with SEO and I'll be back with Adsense earnings as I'm very excited to see where this goes. Thank you Luhasr!

Review Part 1 (4 Days After Purchase)

I have purchased the package 4 days ago. I ordered 3. I got the keywords and niches 1 day ago. So expect a lil delay after you purchase the domains. I bought the domains yesterday and sent him the info the same day. The keywords where a lil bit off popular thought but I guess thats what they mean by micro niche. Once the sites are setup I will post a part 2.

Good, here is my opinion:

I made the purchase of only 3 sites. Today has given me and I am doing latest changes. ALWAYS responds very very very fast, and is pretty good.

Very good staff.

The site I got from Luhasr to test this service has been live about ~8 days, and is ranking in the low 40's atm with little effort for off-page seo so far. Could be honeymoon, but either way it won't take much for me to get this in the top 5. He did a good job w/ the content, site layout, etc. With a little tweaking of the on-page and a nice push w/ links it should start rising. I'll come back w/ an update when it hits page 1.

Got my keyword from luhasr today, looks great so far.

Hi luhasr! The first site you made for me was great, so I just placed my second order. I sent you an email as well.

Order ending in 35084P.

Looking forward to seeing my next site. Ideally I'm hoping to have a few keywords I can rank without SEO, that way I can write a glowing review Haha



The sites I purchased look clean and information-rich. Designs and layout are well done. OP is also very helpful and responsive via email!
One of the best MNS service here!

I will definitely order again when I see revenue from these sites

Got my keywords. Overall good CPC and search volume.
I did my way of competition analysis, and it looks like they are all low competitive. Will be able to get some quick cash with those sites. Very satisfied so far!

Got my two new sites up and running and as always realy good looking and with greate keywords so now i got to get them bringing in good money so i can order even more sites from my friend Luhasr.

Every one that thinking of geting this service but dont know if its any good I can only say that dont think just act as this is the best i got and the the best support ever on all my questions that i sent as a beginner in this with nich sites.

So again Luhasr thanks for all your help and for the good service.

Hey fellas, I'm not going to post my adsense revenue screenshots from now.
It will be my Adsense checks... :dancing2:

@luhasr, Thanks a lot bro....

Got my keywords. Overall good CPC and search volume.
I did my way of competition analysis, and it looks like they are all low competitive. Will be able to get some quick cash with those sites. Very satisfied so far!

My Review

Luhasr has done a fantastic job in finding a good keyword with low competition and turning that keyword into a nice and slick website!
The design of the website is in one word AMAZING, way better then the demo's he showed me!
Luhasr doesn't just do the job and then leave you... He actually helps and assists you to make sure you know what to do after the creation of the website.
He even told me some tips on how to improve the ranking of my website, I look forward in doing business with Luhasr again.


MeisMJ;6208824 said:
My review:

The websites (3) took about 2 weeks to finish which is fairly short term. The sites look pretty good with a simple custom logo.
The articles are well written and handle diverse long tail keywords. Site got indexed by Google in a matter of days. Will report on earnings later.


The service that Luhasr provides is EXCELLENT.

I've only bought one site from him, but I will be buying a lot more!

The site he designed for me is already ranked on page 9 for my keywords, which means it should be EASY to get it ranked on page one with a few well written articles every month.

I hope Luhasr can continue providing this service, if you're willing to put the work in, this is a great little earner!

In my experience, these sites will rank if you point few High PR links. Thats what I'm doing and its working very much for me.
Basically I point few PR 3 and PR 4 blog post links to my new micro niche sites which I purchase from luhasr. That will work for most of the sites.

Few of my friends ranked their micro niche sites with GSA Auto submitter. You can also try that.

My Revenue for October. I'm yet to receive my check.


Will post that once I get it.


Got the kws from luhasr and bought the 3 sites (using godaddy coupons of course). They're all getting 1k+ searches (one has around 4.5k) and all have medium or high competition and are .com's
Happy so far with things.


Keyword: The EMD that Luhasr chose was right on point, the search volume and CPC were just like he promised. The keywords could be ranked easily if quality SEO is done to the site. These services are not "get rich overnight system" you will have to make an effort after you receive the websites like adding articles, indexing, SEO, etc.

Design: The theme that was implemented on my first site was awesome. Many helpful plugins were installed to make the site more accessible and SEO ready. At first I didn't like the logo but then Luhasr was polite enough to make me a brand new logo without charge. Luhasr added alot of pictures and videos to the site to make it more appealing to my visitors which is always a plus.

Communication: Luhasr made sure that I was 100% satisfied with his services which is always great for a buyer. Contacting him was kind of a hassle since I had to do it every time through e-mail but was always a quick response, wait time was no longer than 3-4 hours. If you had a Skype it would make the communication process much easier and efficient. What I really want to thank Luhasr in is helping me to get accepted into Adsense, I've tried 4 times before and no luck, but after Luhasr modified the site and added a couple more articles it was easier then I thought.

Will definitely buy more sites in the future from him, but for now I will focus on highly ranking 1 site then expanding. Hopefully updating this thread with some earnings in the near future.

Overall Rating for the price paid: 10/10

Luhasr provided the "product" exactly as expected. The niche has great potential, I can hardly wait and see the results ($). The website is one week old, already indexed, and for some searches it ranks on pages 5 to 9. I'll start working on growing it and maybe buy a new package. KUDOS for assistance and response time at emails. Thanks dude

I bought this service recently and he is not done with the website but so far I am very happy with the work he has done, it looks extremely professional.

okay i bought his service a .. this is my FIRST ever purchase from BHW! i was very reluctant at first.... but luhasr ..what a guy.... after chatting with him i was pretty impressed... and bought 1 site.. got the keyword , which was pretty good ..but had good competitors whose site can easily be outranked so no biggie.

The TAT was good and the site was created and the theme was generic (but theme doesn't really matter only content does)... content "2-Articles were great" ...

At first he did some weird category changes which i did not understand... when i asked him why he nicely explained to me "it is meant to be like that in MNS sites" he said.
After that i ordered 2 more articles from him... this also took 1 week... but it was FESTIVAL SEASON here.. so it is understandable.. and now my site is finished...

this took 2 weeks and no off-page seo was done ... but i am getting 5-10 visits per day for the last 2-3 days.. and 1 ADSENSE CLICK (hey its a start)

CONCLUSION: the site you get is highly optimized and ON-PAGE SEO is done properly . What you have to keep in mind is that you absolutely HAVE to do off page SEO for faster ranking and more traffic. and add atleast 1-2 articles a month(YES, YOU CANNOT EARN BY JUST STARRING AT YOU ADSENSE ACCOUNT).

For this price it is totally worth buying from LUHASR ... awesome guy. His response time is lightning fast... hopefully in a months time i'll report back here with some earnings


The guy's pretty quick when he's online. Quality service so far! Will update you guys on anything else.
Just throwing this in, I am new to all of this internet marketing stuff He seems to really know what he is doing though!

Got my sites finished. The work/sites looks great! I'm really amazed by the value. The content and youtube videos were right on point too. I will be back for many more sites when I can afford them (hopefully from adsense profits I can grow and expand and get more soon)

Just reveived my 3 sites. They are good. Did not get the finalization mail, but this is not important. Important is the quality of articles, design and added pictures. As I have bought already quite a lot niche sites from different makers I can tell you, that those I reveived today are heardly beatable for that price. Of course I must add some articles in the near future and do some trusted SEO, but I am optimistic. If they make some money, I will be back with a huge order....Anyway I will post the earnings within the next two month....

Just got my first site and it looks very good. It took a bit less than a week, communication was fast. When I asked if the website was finished, Luhasr replied in 15 minutes!!

1 and a half week statistics:
Main keyword ranking in 6th page on google, 1st in yahoo
long-tail keywords ranking in 1st and 6th positions on google

No SEO done by myself!

Just got my first site and it looks very good. It took a bit less than a week, communication was fast. When I asked if the website was finished, Luhasr replied in 15 minutes!!

1 and a half week statistics:
Main keyword ranking in 6th page on google, 1st in yahoo
long-tail keywords ranking in 1st and 6th positions on google

No SEO done by myself!

My website was just completed and I have to say I am very impressed at how great the site looks. I will definitely be coming back to buy more! Good Job!

Just purchased another site from you after starting earning $5-10 a day from your last microniche site that i purchased few months ago.

No this is a micro niche site and the type of website that can be ranked on page one of Google fairly easily to earn money from advertising revenue.

Luhasr provides an excellent service, which I highly recommend.

My websites is done,luhasr provided great support and great looking site.
Thanks Luhasr

Sorry guys.. Bit delayed November Adsense check...

Have you done anything else since he has completed the site? You'll need to handle some SEO yourself. If you read the thread you can see what some have done (theblackhatnoob would be a good starting point). Best of luck to you!

Luhasr has been great. He provides fantastic support and offers helpful ideas.

Be sure to proof your content; I did need to do some content editing to make it natural and flow from a native english speaker's perspective. All in all, I am quite pleased by the service offered.

Thanks Luhasr!

Hi all,
Here my honest review about this services after I bought 1 site, couple weeks ago.
the keyword luhasr provide is very valuable. I got 0.1-0.4 per click for adsense not everyday but my adsense income have changed.
The articles luhasr provide also good spelling etc..9/10 but need to post more.. i already have couple articles write by my own.
Website design/layout and clicking strategy is very nice 10/10
the site have done seo but still nowhere in google rank.. it's take time maybe but still got visitor everyday.
BUT today some miracle happen to my site as there is a visitor purchase 2 my product & that make me very happy. I earn adsense and earn affiliate commission together.
Comunication with luhasr 10/10 fast reply via email.

Plan to purchase more site soon..I have couple site to manage currently.. It's not good buy and leave without update.

Highly Recommended

thanks luhasr for AAA+++ Service

Just got my first site finished! It looks very professional and the articles were very good too. I will update in a little bit, with my earnings after I do some SEO for it. Thanks again for such a great service!

This is my full honest review of Lusahr's service. First of all, he was very accommodating even before purchase was made. Answering my dumb questions with extreme patience. I bought 3 sites and waited all of 1 full day I believe, before receiving all 3 keywords with 1 .com EMD and 2 .net/.org EMDs. All keywords had minimum 1k+ US searches and 2 of the 3 keywords had 2k+ keywords with 1 keywords worth $4+ for adsense with 2k+ searches. That's what I call value. Did my SEO Competition Analysis to confirm that these keywords were worth ranking, and made purchased all 3 sites. Installed WP, and gave Lusahr, login info. Sites were finished within approximately 3 days with 3 high quality articles on each. Also, it came with a extremely detailed 100% follow down to the letter SEO guide on how to rank the site. Will I buy again? Hell yes. I'll write a review again in 30 days determining whether the sites are really worth the purchase.

Overall Service : 10/10

If you're new to making money online, start here.

Ok it's been 3 months (September) since I bought a site from Luhars so time for figures and a full review.

Firstly excellent keyword choice. I was a bit nervous as my SEO is mainly UK targeted and did a mistake in buying a site. If only I had a .com my earnings would be tripled. The site was greatly built, Luhsar just asked me for the wordpress log in details and delivered the web site in 5 days with all the necessary plug ins installed, Google Adsense ready, picture pages and content. 10/10 for that as well as the onpage optimisation.

I did some SEO to the web site with services I purchased here (Social Bookmarking, High PR blog commenting and some Link building - nothing major though, very cheap services) and by the 3rd month I am ranking on page one for 9 keyphrases and ofcourse my MNS one, #SERP position 1 and 2. The site is now picking up good traffic (roughly 140 visits per day) and my conversion rate on adsense is between 8 and 10%.

Adsense Earnings so far
#September: 1.88
#October: 6.01
#November: 31.82
#December: 5 (only yesterday :) - things are picking up seems I will have my first 3 digit profit for the first time this month).

I am very far away from the $5000/month the ad claims even though I know it is a bit naive of me or anyone thinking that this amount can be made with only 1 web site, but my MNS IS making small profits and with already 5/day in December things are looking promising.

I will proceed with buying more sites this month, only thing I want to know is if we can use a different template as the one used to the current one is not responsive. Looking forward!

A Quick update for my recent purchase of 1 site -

Product was delivered as advertised in good time - approx 5 day turnaround. I wont score out of 5 or 10 or whatever, as Im new to this so I have nothing to compare to, however I am more than pleased with the results so far.

(Currently awaiting for Google and Bing to rank, but my site is #4 in yahoo for the KW, and I am earning already - received 2 clicks yesterday )

If this goes well - I am a newb afterall - then I will purchase further sites in the near future.

Any recommended Backlink tutorials will be greatly appreciated


my honest review

this man is awesome.
i am very much new to this keyword thing and all that, in short u can call me very new to this website thing.
but luhsar explain me all very clearly and i understand all.
he make my website very nice with awesome posts.

i will buy his service again soon

Overall Service : 10/10

*sorry for my english*

Just ordered 1 test site trans ID 7LF60821JJ575325U


my honest review

this man is awesome.
i am very much new to this keyword thing and all that, in short u can call me very new to this website thing.
but luhsar explain me all very clearly and i understand all.
he make my website very nice with awesome posts.

i will buy his service again soon

Overall Service : 10/10

*sorry for my english*

Ordered and received 10 sites all with in 2 weeks. Everything looks great, engaging website, good articles with images and videos as well as a unique theme. Will do some SEO and see how easily they rank and how much I make. If all goes well I'll be back to buy more...

I'll update this thread soon!


this is my review from Luhasr' work :

ordered 3 MNS, received 3
very good quality, originals articles, design and sites, with images and videos
great work, would definitely work again with him !

I highly recommend this service from Luhasr, not only for his quality MNS but also for his kindly support . Buy MNS several months ago and he support me till now like a new client

After Purchasing and experiencing the service this is a top tier service across the board.Luhasr delivers what his sales page promises and more, very polite, very helpful. I would recommend this to any BHW member. You'll get a great looking site with top notch design, I order the 3 site package, very pleased with Key word, site and service.10/10!

I just received my completed site today and I have to say that I'm more than happy with what luhasr has provided me. The site itself looks great and highly engaging. I like the adsense placement, just 1 ad above the fold. The articles are very professional and surprisingly interesting. My keyword is good and looking at the stats for it, I can't see any reason why I won't rank well with it.
Communication with luhasr has been first class, he comes across as a very professional all round nice guy. The PDF guide is brief but it explains all I need to know without browsing through 100's of boring pages.
All in all I would definitely recommend this offer and I for one will be ordering again.
Thanks to you luhasr!

I ordered one site from luhasr.In the beginning I was skeptical as I don't have a Adsense account and it is not easy to get Adsense in India.But you know what luhasr done a excellent job from the beginning starting from keyword picking to website design.excellent unique articles.

More over Best part is, he helped me to get Adsense approval.I recommend this service to any one.

My score: 10/10

I received my first site from OP early December, and have earned 17GBP so far from Adsense.

Im working on ranking the site as Im a complete novice - so hopefully this will increase as time goes on. (approx 800 uniques MTD)

Im more than aware that 17 is a drop in the IM ocean, but I can assure you that the potential is there...:)

Review time:

Communication: 10/10
Tat: 9/10
Quality of articles: 10/10
Design: 10/10

Overal 9.75/10 would recommend

Very nice website received from a nice seller.

Here is my review after getting the site =)

Website quality - 3.5/5
Communication - 4.5/5

Respond time is great, mostly reply within an hour, quality of website is okay, suitable for the price.

Overall i would rate 4/5 , not for other thing, for the service he provide. it is fast and he is helpful to guide and help you solve your problem.

If you are new in this game, and don?t know how to set all the wordpress things by yourself, get his help.
Or if you need multiple niche site and lazy to do al the work, get his help as well.

Got my product a few weeks ago and everything is looking solid. Fully unique and didn't have to do much after received. I added a few plugins of my own plus unique content = site is fully automated, not much to do next. Thanks again for all your hard work. Looking to buy again :)


My Revenue Screenshot for last month:

All my earnings are from Micro Niche Websites. I'm receiving lot of PMs regarding getting traffic for these sites. I can tell my method for traffic here, in public.

All my traffic comes from SEO and I have few direct traffic.

How I do SEO?
Private Blog Networks. I buy high PR content links from blogs. They are all hosted in unique domains.
Not all my sites are winners but more than 80% of my sites are making decent money. It works for majority of my websites.

Take top clickbank diet affiliate products and do a research around them. You'll see lot of affiliate sites dominating top 5 SERPs with private blog links and exactly thats what I'm doing. Do Research. Test. Test and Test and thats the key to SEO success.

The websites look good and the fact that its got good readable quality content makes it all the more better. I might be ordering more from the OP in the future. :)

Hi again,
I just made another purchase for 1 site Transaction ********3459.
From my last review I got people asking how much I made from 1 site, I got adsense $36.84 for 1 month not include my affiliate sales on that site.
I'm not expect much earning that because I just bought 1 site only.
About SEO, I use cheap service $5 and of course failed to rank for main keyword but it's ok I still got UV
For Newbie like me, u can install statpress plugin or use google analytic, U will know what keyword UV coming and start improve that page.
What I want to say here is high quality keyword luhasr provide and the other extend keyword is everywhere on that site with high CPC too.
Make keyword research and google adword as your daily friend, write articles with keyword inside them. oh btw.. I only have 8 articles now.
Currently my site got PA:37 DA:24 and Alexa ranked 9mil.. not bad for 1 month + site.
I just roll my earning buy 1 more site because I'm not the rich man but want to be rich.
Thats all and honest review.. I'm not helping OP sales but I'm happy what I got now.

Received my 3 websites a couple weeks ago from luhasr and I was very impressed with the quality of the sites.

For those of you who are skeptic about his service (like I was) I am going to explain a little about what kind of potential his service provides you with.

This is not something that you just leave once it is setup thinking it will make you money. You have to keep working at it. Most of the hard work is done for you by luhasr when he sets everything up on your hosting. Once your site is up and running your job is to build backlinks and work on SEO to get traffic to the sites. What I noticed is that luhasr provides you with one main keyword, but if you look closely at the completed site, you will be able to find many variations of related keywords that you can also try and rank for.

Luhasr only provides a couple articles of unique content on the website when it is created, you shouldn't just stop there. You're going to need some more keyword rich content to get higher rankings in the search engines. Feel free to add some quality articles that you feel fit into the website's topic.

I am very happy with the service he has provided me. He even went a step further and gave me a small guide to get started on building some backlinks for adsense micro niche sites. A+ service here on BHW.

Great work luhasr have designed very nice sites with good keywords and related images. For my surprise my two sites are already indexed. Soon I will be placing order for 8 sites as my target is to have atleast 30 sites by the end of MARCH. Because this seller is best for niche sites as he have cheap price with great quality.
Thank you so much

Hey Guys,

My Adsense check for this month. Received lot of PMs about what service I use for SEO. I'm creating a detailed thread about what and how I do SEO. Give me few more days.... Will post it. Thanks!

Just wanted to give a quick review as the 3 sites I purchased are now up and running. Overall, this was a great value. The sites look nice & clean, logos are well-designed, and overall the layout is top notch.
TAT was something like 12-13 days for all 3 sites, which was also during the holidays though, so quite pleased on that front.
As far as content, the articles were great. Of course, there was definitely a need for some editing, but nothing out of control and everything was relevant.

You really can't beat this service for such a low initial investment, will def be ordering some more soon here. Thanks!

I just received my 2nd site from luhasr and I'm satisfied 100% with his work. The keyword is good and the site is already on page 4 of Google and it's having a few clicks. With a bit of SEO I can't see any reason why it won't reach page 1 within a few weeks. Thanks again OP.

Ordered One Site from luhsar and i'm very pleased with it the logo and Site looks clean and the content was well written.
And he was really helpful and responsive with all of my questions.
Will definitely order again

OP delivered my site, looks great , thanks for answering all my noob questions , OP always kept me informed with the status, keep up the good work luhasr.

Received my site from OP today, nicely designed with good articles. OP is helpful and replied promptly to my queries.

I will be applying adsense with this great site
Got my website from Luhasr, took him a couple days to complete, good communication overall. Really happy with his work, the texts have some grammar problems but nothing major. Im going to start my SEO and if it goes well I will definitely buy 3 more sites in a month. I don't think you can get any better for such a cheap price!!

I used the site provided by luhasr to apply for Adsense and it got accepted with no problems

Dear All,

This is an update on my first ever website received from Luhasr.

Overall, the entire website is good and does require some editing, given the grammatical and vocabulary errors. Certainly, these errors are easily corrected without much hassle which definitely depicts that quality work has being demonstrated.
I've applied for an account from Big G network and hoping that it can be accepted without much delay.

I was offered a small token of guide in assisting me to bring forth the entire potential of the website, unleashing its utmost competencies and generating optimal revenue in the long haul. Though this is a beginner guide, it definitely explains every process clearly.

The website concept was to ensure clean, concise navigation and user-friendliness for my customers. In return, these clients will provide me with returned value thereafter. There is something I realized that is not up to my request, will get there change soon.

Choice of Niche:
Certainly, I may not be an experienced internet marketer but I do have some knowledge in my chosen niche and Luhasr has rendered utmost assistance in answering my questions patiently, a plus point for a Seller (heart of customers).

Overall, I took time off to provide this invaluable feedback for Luhasr as he definitely deserves recognition and my delayed gratifications can be rewarded in the long term.
I'll to give a big thank-you for him for being depicting exemplary attitude as a Seller and providing valuable freebie to me.

Thank-you Luhasr,

Hey guys, just wanted to say that this guy is the real deal. Communication is top notch. Helps you along the way to every need or question you may have. I would recommend his services to anyone. Thanks Luhasr for this great service. 10/10 guys.

I forgot to come back and leave a review after my first site started earning some $...

So it took me about ~45 days to hit the first page for the primary kw (EMD keyword), along with several variations / long tails that were targeted. I did do additional work to the site, in both the design, on-page SEO and revisions to the content provided. I did a little off-page SEO, but nothing extreme. The site now brings in about ~$10 a month give or take a couple a dollars. I primarily ordered this to see what Luhasr was doing more so than to actually get the product, as I was building my own micro niche sites and wanted to get a feel for what others were doing. Now that I've seen the quality of his work, I can honestly say that with a little extra work on your end, you could really turn this service into a decent passive income with a big enough initial investment.

I've seen several responses here where people say they never earned anything from the sites they purchased from Luhasr. There's one reason for that, and that is called laziness. Don't expect to just instantly rank these sites because you paid for them. You WILL need to do some work on your end to make it work, but it's very possible. Although I probably won't be ordering anymore, because I have so many open projects right now, I can confidently stand behind this guys product and would recommend it to anyone who was aware of what it will take to make this profitable for them. Those that aren't willing to put in the little bit of work required to rank these low competition sites probably should just not bother, but most of you can see a benefit from this service with the right mindset going into it.

Overall I rate it 9/10. I had a pretty good idea of what I'd be getting based on reading the thread - and I'd give it a perfect 10/10 besides for the content being very obviously not written by a native english speaker. Other than the minor revisions needed in the content, this was an excellent service.

ProSEO Show

I got my first site from Luhasr a week ago. Good looking, with 2 articles, some videos from YT and Privacy Policy, and also I was getting a little guide for SEO. This service is great, 9/10. Now I want to see the results after SEO and start to buy more sites.
Thanks Luhasr!

My latest check from Google. 2014 started with hefty $$.
Thanks a lot luhasr!

The websites I bought recently are ranking in less than 2 weeks (atleast 80%). Is there an Google algorithm update? Anyone else noticed this change?

Dear All,

I am back for a second review, providing invaluable and honest feedback as a consumer.

First up, I'm very unhappy with such a comment made by anyone who does not use the service (details as follow)
Originally Posted by meandmoney1
Just one comment for wise people he made was good ..the response he gave was good ...but google dont accept microniche sites anymore so dont waste your money like me."

Reply to Meandmoney1: Kindly don't provide such an opinion when you did not personally encounter or use Luhasr service. Let me assure you that my account was approved within 5 working days, quality content without editing of Pages. It is unwise of you giving a blind comment and don't lead anyone blindly into this.
Advice: Use his service first before understanding his service.

Secondly, as a first time buyer, I realized that my website has began its journey to generating revenue.
Estimation: I've recouped an estimated 3.877% in providing honest service, performing content marketing and utmost in-depth researches. This is by my painstaking efforts in order to give the best information to my potential clients and in return, generating revenue.

Though these amounts are insignificant and yet to be seen, I will continue to perform reviews and repeat my diligent efforts.

Warning: This is my honest feedback and is being stated for informational purposes. Luhasr's service only gives you a kickstart but requires absolute commitment. After about 3 quality '000 words content closing to a total of 8 hours of hardwork, I began to observe monetary changes at an incremental basis.

All The Best,
Honest First-time Buyer,

Order placed for 3 sites after some useful communication with luhasr. Looking forward to seeing some good results. I will be posting reviews every month on rankings, maintenance and earnings from this service.

First I would like to thank Luhasr for providing a quality service here on BHW. I am always skeptical when I try services on here, and most often I am not that impressed. After ordering my first site from Luhasr to test things out I must say I am greatly impressed. I am coming here back to this thread to provide you all with a little insight on my experience and to leave what I would call a "real review."

For starters the keyword he found for me is on point with 1000 LMS and over $4.50 CPC, perfect IMO.

Competition on page 1 for my keyword is non existent, honestly if I cant rank this to page 1 I should just quit trying because there might be 10 backlinks total on page 1, and almost all the pages have no PR. Once again perfect IMO.

The site he created was well designed, well put together, and you can tell that he knows what he's doing. You will need to proof read the articles and make some adjustments as they are written by a non native speaker but that took me maybe 5 minutes tops. He includes internal linking, doesn't overuse keywords, and includes many images to keep readers attention.

Now for the most impressive part of this entire thing. The site has been up and completed for what I would say is about 4 days. I went into my keyword tool and did a rank check for my keyword across Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The results after 4 days speak for themselves.

View attachment 46172

The site is already getting traffic, though it is low, traffic is there. Now before you go ordering a site just know this, you do have to put in a little effort on your end. If I do nothing with this site the rankings will drop, the traffic will fall off, and it will just be one big waste of money. However, if I create 3 or 4 more quality posts on my website (schedule them to post automatically), build just a few good backlinks and social shares....this site is as good as money in the bank.

Once again thank you Luhasr for an outstanding service, I will absolutely be back for more once I finish working on this one. My only advise to you is to let customers know when the site is complete as I was given no notification of completion.

Good Luck Everyone!

My January Earnings...

If you're a newbie just starting, I recommend Adsense. Start with few websites, deep dive and understand more about building traffic and then scale up. Traffic is the Key! All the best!

luhasr completed my site a couple of weeks ago. This was my first purchase from BHW.

Overall, I would recommended this service

The communication was fast, responsive and helpful
The keyword was well researched
The site has great design
The articles are decent with minor errors
Media (pictures and video) is generous
Plug-ins are well configured
And finally the price is great!

I?m very happy with the service.

Luhasr replied to my questions promptly. I received my keyword and domain suggestion fairly quickly. The keyword he chose had a search volume of 1,000 according to google adwords. The competition is relatively easy according to Traffic Travis. After doing more digging, I found some related keywords with practically 0 competition. The niche is something I would never have thought of and I would have never found the other keywords if it wasn't for his help. I'm really excited to get this up and running and will definitely update everyone on how much I'm earning and whatnot... Once the site is finished and I start promoting of course. So far I definitely recommend his service.


I ordered 4 sites from the guy.

Great site delivered. Good look & feel, although all the themes are the same with a different color scheme, still for the price I can't complain!

Did not communicate as much since everything was clear on both sides. But he responds very quick and clear.

Overall a very good service with a relatively low price. 3 of the keywords are good and 1 is very good. I would highly reccomend this service to anyone who wants a kickstart during their Adsense venture!!

Thanks again luhasr!


I bought a 1 MNS from op, I must say the keyword that i got had high CPC and search volume. basically i was happy with the keyword that OP found for me. he also suggested me EMD for the site.

Communication was of top notch, now the site is finished and its looking professional...

Thanks for the site, got it withing 4 working days, If this site goes well for me then ordering more..

UPDATE* I just received my site. It is really nice. The theme is basic but not too boring. Actually pleasing to the eye.

Site Appearance: 8.5/10 I just need to make a few changes to get it exactly the way I like it.
Article quality: 9/10 The articles were written very well. I just need to make a few tweaks to them.
Communication: 10.5/10 This guy must be up 24 hours a day. Whenever I message him (whether it's 2am or 6pm) he always seem to message back within the hour. A+++
Turnaround time: 10/10 I got my site in 4 days. It would have been 3 days if I didn't have problems with my hosting company.

OVERALL EXPERIENCE: I give LUHASR an A when it come to the entire service. Do I recommend this to anyone. ABSOLUTELY!!!! I will be back for more myself. Thanks!!!!!!

P.S. Will give an update in about 2 weeks to let you guys know how much I'm making with the site.

Quick review.

Site delivered exactly as laid out in the original post.

Content is good quality,the layout is simple and clean.
Communication was very good, instant reply to all messages.
The keyword targeted gets 1,000 monthly searches, and is a niche a never would have come up with.
Delivery was on time.

Overall a good buying experience with no issues or complications.


Now I'm going to take a look at his authority sites.

My review:

Ordered 1 site feb 11.
Got my kw feb 13. (1900 searches, 2.41cpc)
Got my site feb 18.

No revenue yet, adding some more articles. Got organic visitors.

Overall, 9/10. Will probably order again.

I placed an order for 1 site and it was delivered very quickly. Excellent KW, Excellent Articles (minor minor minor changes, but I'm just picky). OP is VERY helpful, I must have emailed him 20 emails in 4 days and each time he responded back and answered ALL of my noob questions! Now I need to rank this and order more! Thank you again for a great service you offer.

So I ordered 1 site just to test out the waters...and I'm super happy with it. Luhasr came up with a great keyword, gave me some suggestions. I followed through on my part and he definitely followed through on his part. he put together an awesome site that looks great and works the way it should. I'm already getting a small bit of traffic from it and the site is still just a few days old - so I'm happy about that.

He's also been patient and answered a few questions here and there, and I really appreciate that.

I plan to order more soon! I'm loving it.


Guys, I ordered 3 sites a couple of weeks back. I am pleased to say that this service is excellent. The sites look great. 2 of the sites started to rank with their keywords (WITHOUT any SEO from me). Luhasr also gives great after sale support and even did extra keyword research FREE OF CHARGE! 10/10 on everything. I will be buying lots more!

My Recent Check from Adsense. My revenue for the past few months didn't increased much.


I think its time to add more sites to my portfolio. Luhasr, I saw your service around authority websites. Can I go for that?

Just received my 3 websites I purchased only about 5 days ago. The websites are beautifully laid out in an easy to navigate format. The articles do need some revising but very little and it is only grammar things that need some tweaking, very minimal though. Response time from Luhasr is great! He responds very well and definitely gets back to you fast. He is now working with me to get Adsense but since he just made the websites I am going to wait a little bit until I apply for it. Luhasr does go above in helping you as his customer and his customer service skills are just as excellent as his ability to make micro niche websites. I will be updating this post as he helps me get approved with Adsense.

Thanks Luhasr. Great working with you, and will be ordering again in the future.

Really helpful, bought mns few weeks back everything was super. something went wrong with the hosting and I lost it all, partially my fault messing around with the domain and hosting, I chanced my arm and told him my situation and the next day he built it again. Can't recommended him enough!

So far its been a week with my site that i bought and i only made $2. The website design is great hands down awesome but its just i need to advertise it more. Great keyword and helped me get adsense approved on it.

I haven't done a thing to the site just built out some links. It's making 5-12 bucks a day but considering what I've got into it I'm happy with the results. Easily paying for itself on a weekly basis.

I think I got this like 4 months ago. I didn't build many links to start though. If I would have started the links sooner I'm sure it would have made more money. FYI, site has made $210 so far.

I bought a three site package. Sites are good quality and support is great. I'm new to this and I found the help and instructions provided, easy to follow. Highly recommended

Just bought 6 sites from luhasr and got 'em completed in 2 weeks. The sites look great, have professional layout, original articles and plenty of images each. Also some handy plugins.

Also he gave me good keywords with good search volume and high CPC.

As for communication with luhasr, I can assign him 5+ stars as I've asked him 10s of questions and sent him many emails. He replied to each one very promptly always available for suggestions and collaboration.

He also sent me the SEO guide.

So it's a very good site creation service for a very affordable price!

Websites recieved .
3 sites in 6 working days, really good TAT !
Design is simple but effective, contents are various.
Like Bynkis I think keyword density could be a little too high but nothing serious.
Overall : 8/10

Here is my review of these MNS.

I ordered a package of 3 and was given the keywords quickly. One wasn't to my liking and it was promptly changed to another.

The websites are loaded with good articles with relevant keywords.

One of my websites is ranked on the first page of Bing, and that's after zero effort from me.

Communication was excellent. All questions are answered quickly and politely.

Thank you.

luhasr completed my MNS this week. Very happy with the results. Site looks good, keyword has potential and all I've done is add a few social bookmarks and the EMD phrase is on the second page of bing and yahoo, and in the top 45 for google. luhasr's communication is A+, always responding to questions and honest with his responses.

This isn't a get rich quick scheme but has definite potential. recommended +

I ordered 3 sites and I'm very happy with the way they turned out. They are nice looking themes while also keeping it simple, as you want the focus to be on the ads.
There's a nice use of images and the articles were good quality, better than a lot that I've had made for other sites of mine.
I haven't done any SEO yet but ranking them shouldn't be too hard. I will definitely be ordering more soon.

Luhasr is doing a great job on building my site, and hopefully it'll all be completed soon.I did a quick search on Google and Yahoo/Bing for the main keyword to see where it's ranking. Bearing in my that there's been no SEO work done at all on the site yet, I trawled through 25 pages on G and couldn't see it. However, when using the same search term on Yahoo/Bing (there are 43 million matches for this) my website is sitting on page 7.

This bodes really well for the site and once it's been submitted to Google and had the usual work done to it, I've got no doubt that it'll rank high and ideally make me a tidy profit each month.

Ordered 3 sites 2 weeks ago. Recieced them a week later. Good communication, anwsered my question with speed. He gave me 2 .org emd's and i had one already myself.

For testing purposes, the most promising, wich he suplied, ive added an article an will do so every week. The other one wich he provided, will be left unchanged, and the one i suplied will also be left unchanged.
Im also in the progress of making one mns myself, to compare, it has double the monthly searches, and double cpc. Exact intitle inachor keywords google below 750, 1st page consist of wikihow and such. This site will be done tommorow.

All 4 sites willl get the same seo package, found on bhw.

Currently, the 2 sites lushar provided are ranking in the top 100 google, and top 20 bing/yahoo.

I will report back when a lushar provided keyword has ranked 1!

Ordered 3 sites 2 weeks ago. Recieced them a week later. Good communication, anwsered my question with speed. He gave me 2 .org emd's and i had one already myself.

For testing purposes, the most promising, wich he suplied, ive added an article an will do so every week. The other one wich he provided, will be left unchanged, and the one i suplied will also be left unchanged.
Im also in the progress of making one mns myself, to compare, it has double the monthly searches, and double cpc. Exact intitle inachor keywords google below 750, 1st page consist of wikihow and such. This site will be done tommorow.

All 4 sites willl get the same seo package, found on bhw.

Currently, the 2 sites lushar provided are ranking in the top 100 google, and top 20 bing/yahoo.

I will report back when a lushar provided keyword has ranked 1!

Ordered 3 sites 2 weeks ago. Recieced them a week later. Good communication, anwsered my question with speed. He gave me 2 .org emd's and i had one already myself.

For testing purposes, the most promising, wich he suplied, ive added an article an will do so every week. The other one wich he provided, will be left unchanged, and the one i suplied will also be left unchanged.
Im also in the progress of making one mns myself, to compare, it has double the monthly searches, and double cpc. Exact intitle inachor keywords google below 750, 1st page consist of wikihow and such. This site will be done tommorow.

All 4 sites willl get the same seo package, found on bhw.

Currently, the 2 sites lushar provided are ranking in the top 100 google, and top 20 bing/yahoo.

I will report back when a lushar provided keyword has ranked 1!

Once again my recent Adsense check.. For your motivation...

I got my site delivered two weeks ago. They Looks good.
SEO guide is easy to understand for a noob like me.
Already getting traffic for three websites.
I think I'll be able to make some good money with luhasr's advice.

I'm really happy with the way my site has turned out. The layout and theme looks great and the site is now ranking on page 11 for my keyword on Google. With a bit of link building I'm sure it'll hit a nice spot on G, and ideally make me a shit load of money.
Thanks for the great work!

Definitely want to say luhasr has been great to work with. Made my 10 sites with great customer service and before I started SEO, started getting clicks (used one of his sites to actually get approved for my Adsense account). Started some SEO and starting to make steady $ daily. About to get some more articles added and continue SEO but this is definitely great passive income. Is every site built a huge money maker? No but you focus on the one's bringing in the $$$ and build on those. Using these sites to pay for my expenses of my larger sites. Win win. Thanks luhasr.

got 5 sites delivered by OP on time as promised on time with a very good layout and theme with 2-3 artcles in each site...wasnt pretty satified with 2 of my keywords so he changed it .. great customer support.. i havent tried the other mns sellers here but i am sure noone of them beats his service..overall a good customer service and also helped with it seo.. looking forward to buy more sites from him


After bought sites from luhars i really struggle to get everything shape up.I trust him so much.he answer my all the question and guide support most of the time.Now i got very much success with his sites thank you for this wonderful service.Keep up this good work.

here its my this month revenue so for-



mail you some questions waiting for your answer.

After many problems on my hosting end my site is delivered and I must say I am amazed and extremely happy with it.
Thanks for the great site I will probably be doing business with you in the future!

From several micro niche sites i ordered (here and other places) this was the best one until now.

Perfect communication between me and OP.
Quick and AWESOME work. Great theme, logo and very good articles.

Thank you luhasr i just ordered your AUTHORITY sites. My expectations after seeing this micro niche site from you are high, but im confident you will surprise me again.

PS: Op also sent a quick guide for how to do seo for micro niche sites.

I ordered one gig only (for-now)

MY REVIEW - OP went above and beyond what he described in his gig - his communication with you is superb - the site is professionally done 10/10. He walked me through the process and I will order from him over and over and over again - This is a must buy!!!!

I am new to the world of IM - and he made me feel at home and not like such a noob )))))))

My Adsense revenue for April; Good news this month is, Adsense started paying directly to my Bank account.

The bad news - Revenue went down this month.

Hosting expired and went down for few days... Having passive income has its own risks.. You won't focus on your revenue streams actively!

Time for a review!

I ordered 3 sites from Luhasr few weeks ago. He was prompt in delivering the sites on time and answered all the questions/concerns I had.
The sites have a simple theme , 2 Articles, relevant images, Imagegalleries, relevant videos.
All the necessary plugins were also installed.

He provided a SEO guide ,A PDF file with useful information how to build links etc.

When the sites will be earning, I will come back with an earnings report.

Thanks for the good work you did and I wish you all the best with your sales!

I Highly Recommend this service! The same day I ordered (one site) I received my keyword, and was finished in just a matter of days. With no SEO at all it ranked on page 7 already. Great Job I am surly coming back for more.

I got my website delivered today!

Nice and clean theme with few pages and posts, some containing relevant image galleries.
For me, content has to be rephrased and optimized for SEO, but other than that it is a good start for newbies.

I had few queries for the OP which were answered promptly and correctly. I also requested and got a simple SEO guide.

Overall, looks worth the deal. I will customize and do bit of SEO and see how my site ranks and earns. Will update soon on that.

And any members who are already running sites, if you can give me some tips for backlinking and growing sites, I would be grateful.

Thanks luhasr and BHW!

i just checked my site. had ordered just 1 site to test. The site looks very nice, the color combination is very good. i have read the reviews and some members are complaining about the article quality. but i read the article and its perfect. still some work is left i guess. havent got the delivery from him. but i am impressed so far.
A superb site at this price is an offer you cant miss. Period!

First of All I want to Thank Luhasr for giving TOP-NOTCH Customer service! He gave me ideas with SEO and keyword research to name a few. The websites he creates is perfect for anyone looking to build an empire of adsense sights. The content is near perfect and just had to do little tweaks. The theme is great for these types of websites. The main keyword has good searches with a great CPC! I will be placing more orders soon

P.S I am going to do some SEO on it and update in a few weeks!

my review

really happy with this service authority site also very good but still expect more revenue from!!

This is what i get from my micro niche sites.I will update my authorityy revenue very soon!!


Thanks for your wonderful s
ervice.Please keep doing like this to all of them who are believe in you.

First and Foremost I would like to say a few words to the Noobs and people bashing/questioning this service. That is what he is offering, a service with an end product. For guys who are whining and complaining, GO READ BHW FORUM FOR 100+ hours, then maybe you'll have some further education on what actually is going on in the IM world.

I need reviews before placing an order? - This is a highly active thread and all the peer reviews are golden, what more do you guys need? This isn't a "spend $50, sit on my a** and wait for $5G/month" - NOTHING WORKS LIKE THAT! You need to put in some effort, do some research, and monetize your new sites!

I am just as much a Noob as the next guy, but I do have the Common Sense and Due Diligence to realize that - Nothing is easy, and earning online takes lots of work, time, and testing, to figure out your own strategy and formulate your master plan to build your empire.


I just ordered 5 more MNS. Paypal Tran ************6725C.

A+ Review from Me!!

Just wanted to leave a quick review after my order was delivered.

Overall I am VERY happy with the work that was done for me. I was a little bit fussy about the micro niche I wanted to be in so I rejected the first 2 keywords/domains offered to me and he was very patient with me. When he gave me something I liked the website was then up and running relatively quickly.

The styling of site was excellent and looks very professional. The content is above average, but requires a little tweaking - I don't think it was written by a native English speaker, but I didn't expect it to be for the money I paid.

I would rate this service at 9/10 and will certainly be buying more sites in future. For the money this really is no brainer so jump in guys!

I just wanted to leave a quick review of this service so far. I'm extremely picky with my keywords and Luhasr was patient with me throughout the process of choosing them. He was very helpful so far with any questions I had. I will leave another review once everything is delivered but so far so good. Thanks Luhasr!

I purchased 5 sites from Luhasr and I'm extremely happy with the service and quality of work. He was on time and responded to all questions I had. The sites were delivered as promised.

Luhasr, please PM me a good price from 25 websites.


Thanks for the recent work you did for me, which was excellent as always. I will be in touch soon with another order.

keep up the good work Luhasr!

Update review...
I received my sites from several days and they look so professional and beautiful ( from logo, themes to content,... with good keywords).
I will try to make money with these sites.
Good job, Luhasr. Thank you so much!

My review of services rendered. My order was: 41089986vp015581y so there is proof from the aforementioned posting. After order, he gave me a domain that I should purchase and I would have never bought this one in a million years because the niche was something totally different from what I'm used to doing. After the purchase, I just created the account on my VPS (If anyone is interested in hosting, please message me, I'm cheap) and I did a Wordpress site, which is what I usually use for other adventures. Little by little it was completed into a beautiful website. I asked if he was done because it looked fantastic and he said he wasn't done. And astonishing enough, it got better and better everyday. It is too soon to make money, but, I am sure it will. I will do a followup to see. Money doesn't come easy. So, when you spend $30 here, $75 there, it adds up. If you are having reservations about quality of service, don't. If you are having reservations that this may not produce income, don't. I have faith. I am just like many of the people on here trying to squeeze every penny into something productive and to learn from it. I recommend Luhasr on everything he sells now. There is no way to get rich quickly without repercussion. This is a clean and solid business. A+++++++++++++++++

My revenue for May

As I said in my last post, traffic and revenue dropped because my top earning domains expired the same day (bought from luhasr the same day).
Now all my domains and hosting are under one umbrella account and renewed all domains for 3 years. Learn from mistakes...

my review:

i purchased 25 websites from luhasr few weeks back. I followed his SEO guide. Since I am a newbie, there were lot of learning curves.. but it is worth it.
My current ranks:
1 - 10 positions : 6 websites
11 - 30 positions: 13 websites
30 - 100 positions : 2 websites
100+ positions : 4 websites

The top 10 results are now in bottom of first page of Google and they are gradually moving up. So far these websites earned, $33.45. Once I hit top positions, I hope this should jump up to few hundred dollars and eventually few thousands...

Thanks a lot luhasr for the websites and for all your help...

last month earnings.Sites going great and great for me

give my next update very soon.

REVIEW: I ordered 3 Micro Niche Sites from Luhasr and all were done in 1 week. I was extremely impressed with the keywords he provided me. Even the lowest searched of the 3 was near 2000 searches. One of them being much more. I'm even more impressed about the fact all my keywords are related to physical products which opens the door for even greater income possibilities through amazon.

The sites are simple and clean and look very professional. The articles are a nice length with good content but as a lot of other reviewers said already they will need minor adjustments. Not a big deal at all and should only take a few minutes

His customer service is just as great as his sites. I was unhappy with the color choice of one of my sites as I felt didn't really match the content. Honestly this wasn't a big deal at all and the site looked great the way it was but I mentioned it to him anyway. He quickly changed the theme color and is even editing the images to match the change. Honestly he could have told me to screw off and I would still be very satisfied.

He is a popular seller and there is a good reason for that. I know he is probably crazy busy and I'm sure messing around with a color change is the last thing he wants to do but he did it with no hassle. I will be ordering again.

The sites are brand new so I have no earnings to report but if I can't make something with these it's probably my own fault. I will try to report back at a later time to let everyone know how they perform.

Highly recommended 10/10

My recent payment from Adsense:

SEO still works ;)

This is awesome!!!! I bought 1 MNS from luhasr.. . Delivery was bit late but I'm okay with coz I know it takes time to create quality product.. And the best thing is.... I just had a hosted adsense account got from YouTube partner program but with Micro Niche site I got the full adsense approval.. and also I got the approval without any SEO and the domain also just 5 days old..

I'm really satisfied with this service, their communication also fast! Highly recommended this service to anyone!

Once I earn with this site, I'll come back with my earning proofs!!

Thanks luhasr!!!

My site completed.
Communication with the seller was very good, responsive and helpful. The keyword is good, the theme is very professional, SEO friendly. Colors are well match with the logos. the articles are great and well writes. For this price, its worth it.

I will do business again and I recommended this service

I have ordered 3 MNS sites. Was nice to chat with Luhasr, as I am a bit new to this, he is very reassuring (of course he would be) and friendly.
TAT for the keywords was 3 days and a bit. Bit longer than I expected, but that's fine, he kept replying with smaller replies that let me know he hadn't run off.
I have set up all hosting and domains, now I am awaiting the finished product. Will update with genuine details afterwards and feedback.


Google have accepted and activated my website for Adsense, Now begin my journey and will post updated in couple days.

Thank you again luhasr!

View attachment 54943

Great doing business with luhasr.

I ordered three sites two weeks ago. Sites look great and Adsense account was approved within 4 days.

He responds very fast and gives good advice.

A+++ service!

My latest income from Adsense. Looks like my websites reached its max level.
Need to find new opportunities to improve the traffic.


Hello. Guys
Just a little review I recieved freaking $8 for a click.
Bought some SEO service and hoping for my website to get ranked.


I have just purchased my second batch of websites because the first three were so good. They were delivered swiftly and came ready to go. I did virtually nothing to the sites and now, after a few months, the dollars are coming in.

I would definitely recommend these sites as they are a great investment. I have recouped my original investment and made more after just a few months with zero work.

Surprised to got a followup mail from luhasr recently about the site ranking, I just ordered 25 sites many months before and ranked the sites using his plan and forget the sites as it's earning really well. Luhasr requested me to share my earning here with you all. So here it is


I have no idea what are the things i have to hide, So if something should i have to hide in this image, Please let me know guys it would be great. And i am happy to share my success with you all.

I also want to thank luhasr for this service.He was always there whenever i contact him.Service was fast, i applied for adsense account and in few days ,i got a reply to activate my account by adding a code they gave me.I tried to do it but i cant,the ad code was not vissible on my web page,so i emailed him about this and he was so quick to reply.i gave him some datails about the code and to my suprise, few hours later , i received an email from adsense congratulating me that my account has been fully activated! now i am seeing the ads on my site .Than you so much luhars, i can now confidently buy more sites.

Hi All,
Today I want to share With you my Honest review with Luhasr's Great service Here.

First , I bought from him 1MNS about 5 Months Ago and It was really awesome , Great articles , Profesional theme , great logo, Keyword was Perfect and the site was Just Perfect , It only take me a little work to just finish small things (less than 30 MINS)

I worked on The site for 1 Month Only and to be honest I didn't do much work, Just simple things , so I didn't expect it to Rank at that time and also I was totally new in SEO so it was hard to do everything in 2 to 3 weeks only.

So I have decided to start working again on my site with 2 hours each day to see results and Share With you.

Overall review till today,
Communication: 10/10 "Luhasr always answers all my Qs so quick and helps me alot in SEO"
Onsite SEO : 10/10 the site just looks so beautiful.

Of course I will buy more site as soon as I get my first check .
ANY Qs Im here to help

Forgive my bad English.

My brief review:

Luhasr's service is really great!!! He send me very quickly a nice keyword and the quality of the site is superb. Mine even has a beautiful logo, which makes even more professional. He always answered my questions and the SEO guide is good.

Of course i will buy more sites from him, as long as i have some success in Micro Niche Websites. And i will post my earnings, too.

Just a quick review: great theme, great service and great articles. Highly recommended. Finished job in about 4 working days thinking of buying more!

My February revenue from OP's service.


It took sometime to reach here. Still long way to go...
Thanks a lot for this luhasr.

My Adsense revenue for March. Increase of $140 in March.

Initial days took some work to kickstart the traffic & revenue. Now I am not at all working on this website but it still earns and the earnings are increasing...

I started loving Google now ;)

My recent Adsense revenue:


Top Notch Product! Website is high quality, more so than any other seller. Great support, great communication, great advice. Great $49 spent. Will be back for more.

Recently purchased an A$ money site from luhasr and have to say that I am nothing but impressed. The site quality is excellent, comms throughout the process was very good and I will def. be back when I need more of these. Highly recommended 10/10 :)

Okay Folks here is my Review:

Luhasr provided me with an excellent website that is well laid out and with good content. The quality of the site and content compared to the price is EXCELLENT VALUE for money.

The best part was the actual keyword that he selected for me, get this:

Exact USA Search: 4400 Avg CPC: $7.74

Plus he found me an exact match domain...How awesome is that!!!
I'm confident that with a little off site SEO I can get this site ranked relatively quickly.

Apart from providing a superb product, one that I am REALLY happy with. Op was friendly and professional, always readily available to answer questions.

I will definitley be ordering more of these sites!

Thanks for a job VERY well done!


I liked your service so much, and your fantastic quick responses, and the website you delivered, for the price you set; I went ahead and ordered another 3.

I was surprised actually - Seller was quick to respond to [any] questions and always made me feel as if I was the only one he was dealing with - even although he probably has more than I can imagine in queue.

I'd recommend him.

just wanted to give the thread owner a thumbs up for a job well done. he was quick precise and excellent with the work he did for me. his services were greatly appreciated, and the websites were perfect and delivered in a reasonable amount of time. way better than i could've done. Thank you very much.

Received my 1st site, built up in a very quick time as compared to others where I ordered on the same day. Hats off to your quick setup. Nice theme with good colors contrast.
Hopefully it will start working soon, and will definitely order a bigger package after a few days.
Good job

My recent earnings with OP's sites.Not much. But, I hope this will inspire a few newbies...


Luhasr provided me with an excellent site and a great keyword, the results were top notch for this sort of thing immediately upon delivery with almost no effort on my part. A great service at a phenomenal price, and you couldn't ask for a nicer guy.


Nov 5, 2015
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Please provide me with sample or two of sites you have created lately. Thank you.


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Jan 7, 2016
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Hi luhasr, I'm interested in your service; could you PM me a sample?



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Feb 20, 2009
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Oct 27, 2009
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What if I already have the domains.

Can you build the micro niche site under the domain and provide high CPC kw's?


Mar 1, 2008
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all paid - Your transaction ID for this payment is: 09597361Y9747832J. - for 3 websites - please let me know what we do next. :)
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