Figured out how to get around a youtube ban in certain countries

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by fatjack'sblackhat, May 1, 2010.

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    If you find a song that is new and you think is going to explode and then turn it into a high quality .AVI video, you mmay "infringe on copyright stuff." Anyway, I have kind of figeured a way around it.. Though your video can't be found in the search of the youtube site itself, you can spread your link across sites such as yahoo answers and stuff like that... digg, reddit, what have you.. And these links, for some reason arent getting blocked and your views increase in return..

    For instance, I just uploaded a brand new single by eminem and I knew it was going to get views just by sitting there on youtube, but what happened was, my video go blocked from their search engine because a company called "UMG" said I infringed on their copyright even though I cleary stated the music was not mine and belonged to AfgterMath, Shady Records, Eminem, and UMG.

    SO I was pissed because I thought the video would go viral.. Well, it turns out, if you promote your link on blog sites and target people asking about your artist or song, you put a link that goes directly to your uploaded video and you see your traffic increase in a matter of minutes. 5 minutes ago my video had 12 views from sitting on youtube for a day before I found out it was banned in certain countries.. SO I added my video link to a bunch of sites asking about "eminem's new song" and I posted the link... I saw my traffic double in a matter of 5 minutes.

    So there you have it, hopefully this continues to work and spies aren't reading this to kill my idea before it "blooms." But I just thought it was pretty cool and wanted to share it with you all