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    I've been reading this forum since september I think.. decided to give people that start few tips they are here some deep into the forum some not so it's nothing new, just trying to help..

    Don't listen to people saying that the methods posted here on bhw doesn't work they DO work but you can't do exactly what the method say's what you must do is;

    Before you try the method choose the one you understand and feel comfortable with it
    Read the method
    Re-read it 10 times
    Sleep with it
    Re-read whole thread along with the method
    Try it for at least 1 month if It doesn't gives you $$ move to another
    *The easiest one's are Youtube one's to start with

    The most important thing about this whole thing is to understand how this as I call it "game" work's there are many people like you who want's to make money and you need to beat them and your brain is your ultimate weapon.

    One thing I tell you , you will never make money if you follow the method and do the exact things described in it and just create another clone of shit website that is already on a web you will be just clone number 9999 you need to create something creative and believeable;

    By believe-able I mean if you want to try PPD you need to focus on specifing group of people like for example - kids they believe in everything you throw on them and if you create something that looks promising and might work they will go for it and you will make $$

    PPD is usually blackhat (I know whitehaters will hate that) - by blackhat it means you won't give them what they came for and also I advice you to try Youtube first because you don't have to spend many time on it maybe 2 hours a day with decent tools like MVB pro and gsa + hr views and unlist>list option ( all of this you can find here on bhw ) this will make you 50-100$ a day if you manage this good that's how I started - I started this after reading this forum for 1-2 month you can start earlier because at first I didn't believe in making money online - Thats rule number 1 don't make same mistake I did and DON'T HOLD YOURSELF YOU NEED TO TRY money won't come alone falling from sky

    After you get required knowledge from here ( whitch I did - I've read every method , every IM journey every possible thread with information ) start doing SEO this is where all big money come's from - this will take you a lot of time and I mean A LOT this varies how fast you can learn and UNDERSTAND seo, you need to understand seo not just learn it , its like reading the book if you read the book and at the end you didn't know what you was reading about whats the point?

    After you start your own website - whitch I don't advice you to do until you start making / made some money from youtube , you have to find your niche ( the keyword you want to focus on like for example "minecraft hack" or w/e ) - believe me or not this took me about 1 week to find out what this "niche" mean's lol @facepalm - and focus on your website that's where your mind is your weapon.

    Just to give you motivation I started PPD in october 2013 I did youtube for 3 months after that I started SEO and my own website ( I had computer and web knowledge for many years tho from just playing pc games - just some basic understanding no coding stuff) it took me few months to get to top page 1 and this month I earned XX.XXX $ using big affiliate PPD network - I don't care if someone believe's me in making so much cash it's just for you people that the money is there you just need to go for it, work for it and be smart.

    Some people doesn't have a clue how much money is lying on a web it's like lying on a street waiting for someone to grab it. In everything you do and will do you need to be positive, of course you will fall many many time's, but you will learn from that and no method/guide journey or w/e will give you experience you will learn from falling so be prepared for that because that will make you better.

    From what I read here on forums, people's coming here are looking for some kind of gold formula - sorry, but If you think something like this exist's you are stupid idiot and should do some brain training and start thinking logical , everyone that started PPD or any other method started it from scratch and no-one get's big cash in a matter of week, month, most of the people won't get there ever and that's because they are not trying or they pass on it after falling for the first time and that's the biggest mistake.

    And remember your brain is your weapon be unique and NEVER EVER stop trying if you want to reach your goal, stay positive because if you don't you will never achieve that.

    I believe some people will blame me for this thread because really everything I wrote here can be found in multiple thread's, but I just wanted to give tips to the starting people so they know where to start.

    And last thing - NEVER trust anybody and count on someone, but only on yourself - that's the rule you should stick not only in IM but in life.

    And yea I like blue colour hehe
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    thank you ... i read it ..