Few things about black hat tools (and other tools for business)

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    I have been thinking about writing this thread for a while and today I have decided to do so. I just wanted to help all newbies to stop wasting their time and effort on cracked tools and tools that do not work properly and do the right thing. I have made this mistake a lot of times, until few years ago I figured out what is right thing to do when it comes to tools.

    Of course I was a newbie once, and probably still am, of course I wanted to get "cracked tools" and make money with them without investment and or effort, just find it somewhere online and use it. This is not a way to go and here is why. Now, I am not talking about Win or PS or stuff like that (although it should fit in this category), I'm talking about BH tools.

    When you even find some "cracked tool" online it will fail to do what you want and time that you spend on searching for crack for it, or cracked version will simply be waste of time as most of the time that tool will be outdated. In this business we all need up to date tools ready to do what they need to do and you need to be able to get future updates for them or you will lose time

    Again, I know how it is, I didn't want to buy some tools at first, why should I? There are "cracked" versions out there I will use them. This is wrong. Not from the moral stand or stuff like that, just simply because it will not work what you want them to and it will waste your time!!

    When I started buying tools instead of "searching for them online" I actually started to see some real progress. Why? Simply because I stopped wasting time on broken tools that do not work. Most of the tools are more then affordable and they will pay for itself after tiny bit of time.

    My point is. BUY tools, do not waste your own time that you could spend making money with certain tool on looking for some version that you need to "make" to work, and even when you do make it work most probably it might work for few days and you will have no updates and nothing and then wait and depend on someone to update it and so on and on... Waste of time. BUY tools! Just as in real life, to do proper job you need a proper tools. You don't have time to waste time with tools that don't work.

    When buying tools SEARCH FOR COUPONS!!! Especially for BH tools there are almost 99% always BHW related coupons, SEARCH FOR THEM. Sometimes you can pay almost 50% OFF the price for just few minutes of searching for coupons. Can't find coupon? ASK the owner of the tool! That is not a shame! You want to buy it, and you need to know if there is some action going one that you are not aware of. Just do it!

    One more important thing to add is that almost all tools have money back guarantee or trial, so if you don't like it just get your money back and move on. Simple as that.

    Here is one really simple example when it comes to cracked tool VS purchased tool. Imagine that you are painting a high outdoor wall. Now think of it would be fairly easy to do a paint job with ladders like this one right? PROPER TOOL!


    Now think about how it would be, painting that same high outdoor wall with ladders like this? CRACKED TOOL!


    What ladders do you think will get you higher? :)

    One more thing to add. Imagine that you have idea for black hat software. You go and invest $x.xxx in building software. $x.xxx in promotion and just imagine seeing your software all around the web? Would it be good for you? I doubt.

    Thank you for reading.

    I hope it helps a bit.

    Cheers! :)
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    Sometimes you get what you pay for, sometimes you don't.

    I never get what I pay for and I never pay for what I get.
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    I think you're reading too much into the tools, rather than what you're trying to get done.

    Honestly too many marketers on this forum focus on software and tools and think that buying them will result in success but truth is you don't even need these tools to be successful online. I could count the number of tools I used to gain success online on one hand. My best advice would be to concentrate on building an action plan on what you want to build, and only then worry about what tools you would need to do so.

    Just my 2 cents. :)
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    It is not all about success with tools only, its about what your strategy is? First build a solid strategy and then start working on it with manual way or automated way with softwares/bots to fast the process. And on the piracy point of view yes no anyone would suggest you to use cracked tools specially if you're having your own SEO software that is on sell in the market :D. But I saw many people first use the crack software to test the functionality (if the author isn't offering trial version) and then they can easily decide it'd be worth to purchase or not.
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    Tools and software do not bring success ! Methods, hardwork and dedication bring success ! Tools do make things easier for us !