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    Mar 27, 2008
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    So I finally have a product that sells well (an eBook with a 1% conversion rate) Not sure if that's high or low compared to the standards on these forums.

    Anyway I've been pulling the same boring shit everyone else does (flooding classifieds etc)

    I just don't seem to be getting enough traffic. I get a couple hundred people visiting/day.

    One method that has been working is replying to people's job wanted posts looking for work at home positions but isn't that spam? I can't send the message behind a proxy or anything cause it doesn't go through; the classified sites just ghost it telling you it went through when it didn't. So I have to use my straight up IP which is dangerous lol.

    I tried the YouTube route of uploading videos of my own with text on them and they don't get very many hits, but I don't want to go the way of the copyright infringement.

    If anyone could help me, what are my options here? Without saying a lot lol it's basically an eBook covering a specific method of making money online laid out for people with no experience. The page is amazing and it sells well enough, I just have a traffic problem.