Few questions about conversions, promoting and mass video producing

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    Hey everyone,

    being a newbie I just started with YouTube marketing- I'm promoting a couple of email submits.
    In 4 days I uploaded 15 videos- I know that's not a lot, but I always took a long while for each video since I wanted to produce something
    which users might be interested in so I'd get more clicks.
    Some of the videos are directly promoting the offer (Like 'Win a Free Victoria's Secret Gift Card' etc.), other videos are related to the
    offer's niche (let's say I promote a Victoria's Secrets Gift Card I made a video about the best styles of one of the models and included my offer link in the video and also in the video's description).

    Result after 4 days: I got more than 350 clicks (all videos together) and only 2 conversions.
    The videos with more content (e.g. Style of a model instead directly 'Win a Gift Card') get definitely more clicks, but I'm not sure how likely people are to convert if they're actually just interested in seeing that model's style (and click away then).

    To market my video I chose the tags carefully (working with Google Keyword tool and YT suggestion tool), obviously chose the title and description carefully (and stole ideas from other popular videos in that niche) and put the offer link with short description on one slide in the video as well as in the first line of the description.
    Also I use several Ping websites and promote the videos on Twitter. Then I use the comment function (other videos, to proote mine) and the video response function. That's it.

    I'm not so unhappy with the current click rate. I'm more unhappy with the conversions because it seems like I hardly get any. I know I only have 15 videos, but with more than 350 clicks I should get more conversions for a simple email submit, shouldn't I?

    I've also been thinking about using video spin master/mass video blaster to just produce a LOT more videos (since I produce every video carefully and with a lot of time at the moment). I got some questions here though:

    1) What kind of videos do you actually reupload in mass? Your own videos, videos from others?

    2) If videos from others, what kind of videos do you choose? Professional ones like music videos from bands and movie trailers or more videos like product reviews of others, tutorials, funny videos etc.?

    3) How many times do you reupload one video and what do you change (tags, description, title..?)?

    4) How do you embed your offer link in those videos? I mean if you upload a funny video, how do you make the connection to the offer link which is, for example, to win an iPad? How do you make users who are actually interested in funny videos be interested in getting a free iPad?

    5) Where do you put the offer link? As one slide in the video, as annotation, in the description etc.?

    6) What other methods do you recommend to promote a video (additionally to the ones I already mentioned)?

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    1) I don't. IMHO it doesn't make sense to divide you traffic (when you are trying to sell something), so it's always one video per product and one prodect per niche for me.
    2) I don't. It's ridiculously easy and cheap to make a great video that will get you many clicks and that isn't spam. Yes, even when you don't speak the target language and you don't even have a camera. I would also stay far away from doing anything illegal when affeliate links are involved. All it takes is one person to report you and your account (with all you profits) is gone.
    3) I don't. See above for the reasons why.
    4) Link in the description. Mentioning this fact in the video. People are always interested in getting free iPads and if it's a product you need targeted traffic for, choose your video arcordingly.
    5) Description.
    6) Find the places your target audience visits. Promote your video there. Repeat untill viral.

    Internet marketing is incredibly easy and increadibly worth it in terms of effort/time spent versus money gained. But you have to do it in an effective, targeted way. So that traffic flows and grows on its own, with you having to do little or nothing to keep the dollar rolling. Just spamming non-value content will not entice people to share and thus you have to drive ALL the traffic yourself. And as you have discovered, conversions will be low.
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    Thanks for your input!

    So you produce video on any topic (funny stuff, informative stuff, whatever) which doesn't even have to do with the offer you're promoting and just put the link in the video and in the description?

    For example you produce a funny video and put in the video one slide with the info that they can win a free iPad if they visit your link?

    And you only put the link in the description and a few words that they can win the iPad? Or also anything about the actual video?