Few precaution thoughts about G+1 voting

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    OK, so I'm looking at the hype made around the +1 votes, and it's alleged benefit around SEO, and how few service sites popped up...wanted to share few thoughts about those voting schemes that are currently on many BHW webmaster minds...

    See, as a guy who did a lot of mistakes, tried out different big G schemes and each time got slammed, I thought - at least I can give out small warning or give something to think about when deciding if you're going the BH path with this +1 or not. I worked with SERP manipulation, Youtube API and bots, and throughout several different projects over a 2 year span - can tell you - if you go down BH path with G, you need to be careful and hide your tracks very good :)

    Few points to think about,

    • 1. Big G is a computing super-entity, they've even working on a self-learning machine algorithms, so bare that in mind if trying to get 500 G+ votes on a site with few visits per day, or registered yesterday. Do you feel like it might pop out some red lights if such site receives many G+ votes all of a sudden?
    • 2. Think about this - many webmasters included in G+ voting schemes will surely use fake G accounts, secondary ones and those not used often. Since true manifestation of G+ vote is additional search result based on vote from someone in your circle, think about if it's worth if that fake/secondary account has no or little contacts...
    • 3. Speed (in time) of getting G+ -> I saw few cases of sites having 1000+ G+ votes all of a sudden, looking fresh or fishy or said simple - not kind of site that would get 1000+ votes. Try to see how much does webmaster tools get traffic each month, and how much g+ votes they have, and see how much you have, visits p/m / votes. I'd say, G+ vote currently has < 0.5% CTR against the page views.
    • 4. For experienced IM-ers, - you especially need to think of the safe way to to this - I see lots of noobs soon to stir up G+ anti-spam watch guards, and getting slammed hard :D

    There might have been few things more, but they don't cross my mind at the time.

    Now, I'm not saying - this is fatal, or that all sites are doomed, but keep in mind that you're not going against some wannabe programmers here, and if you don't do it right - consequences may not turn up too good for your sites.

    Few tips, maybe:

    • a) spread out G+ over all URL+s on your site, maybe even few more on interesting articles, than on homepage only.
    • b) take time in it; make sure you have real traffic and then try to keep under 1% of G+ votes, work on it for at least a month steadily.
    • c) Mix up this with other stuff as you did already with bunch of other things. Try to avoid patterns where you have periods with only G+ votes rising, and no social bookmarks, or backlinks, or content made...

    There you go, I had to say this. :)
    Hope it'll be of any help to someone. Feel free to join in with thoughts about this.

    Good luck with your ventures, peace!
    Funkman out!
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    I don't trust this +1 thing.
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    Good points by the OP here. Things need to look natural and random in the eyes of Google. If you get 500 +1's all at once but only 30-40 visits a day, then that is not natural.