Few more general questions all regarding to making money on blogs. Help appreciated.

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    I've done alot of reading the past 4-5 days on this site and there are still some questions that are left either unanswered or kinda unclear. If anyone can clear these up for me, that would be great. I'm sure there are other people who might be interested in the answers to some of these as well.

    If you feel a question might be too "noobish" and the answer is somewhere in the forum, just tell me and i'll keep on trying to find the answer for it here.

    #1: Can you have adsense + affiliate links on your page at the same time?? Or does that violate some rules for google adsense?

    #2: What are some things you can do that will make google will de-index your site??

    #3: Should I be subscribing to other sites feeds to get regular updates about content?? I have heard good things and bad things about doing that.

    #4: People talk about anchor text in backlinks and how your backlinks look. Can someone post an example of what a backlink looks like and what the anchor text is. Also, should it always link to your main domain or is it okay to have backlinks that also link to random pages of your content??

    People are saying commenting/forums/message boards are best areas to place backlinks. Does that mean what I want to do is spam those kinds of areas with my backlinks but try to make them as helpful and natural as possible so they don't get deleted as spam?

    How many times can you paste the same message with your backlink before google starts to mark them off as spam?

    #5: What is ping and how do you ping something with pingler?? What does it do.

    #6: How does the feedburner plugin for WP work??

    #7: From the google.adwords keyword checker, how many local monthy searches would describe a keyword to be high competition. How many searches would be considered low competition?? I think for this question it might just be a try it out and see if it works kind of thing.

    I know some of those questions are newb-ish.. But I have looked around alot and most of the time I hear "this works really well" or "do that and it will help your site tons" but it is sometimes unclear to me what I should be doing.

    Right now I am still building content for a blog I plan on creating. Just trying to make sure I have most of my answers covered before I decide to jump into the fire.

    Thank you.
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    2: What are some things you can do that will make google will de-index your site??

    building links from gambling sites, porn and viagra can hurt your site.