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    Sep 14, 2008
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    My dad just informed me that my aunt is going to cycle 160km for the new zealand heart foundation. The challenge has been dubbed 'heart2heart', heaps of kiwis are doing a 160km bike ride around Lake Taupo. She has fundraised $170 out of $300. Remember that our nz $ is 53cents to US dollar. so shes about $US70 short of her goal. The event is on the 29th of november this month. (my birthday :>) so yeah, i figured i would help her, and the heart foundation out by asking bhw if anyone wants to donate.

    Heres a short description of the heart foundation:

    'Congenital heart disease affects one in every 100 children born in New Zealand, or around 600 a year. Our mission is to provide and facilitate the best support and care for these children and their families in New Zealand.'

    This is her fundraise page/blog: