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Feeling discouraged- Motivation?

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by cazzina, Jun 12, 2017.

  1. cazzina

    cazzina Junior Member

    Dec 25, 2012
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    Hi everyone,

    I guess I'm looking for some motivation and good advice.
    I've been doing Kindle publishing for years, but the competition is getting more and more, I'm making less and less money and honestly I've been getting bored by publishing. Months ago I started reading about how to start a blog, and how to make money with it. Til today, I've read tons of resources, some a bit older (max 2013), others from this year. I've been getting excited about starting my own niche blog, growing a customer base, monetizing it with affiliate offers, and rinse and repeat it with other niches. After reading tons of articles and info I finally subscriped for long tail pro, and also hosting.

    But, I don't know, these past couple of days I've lost some motivation. I met an old friend who's been working online for years, and you could say he's more experienced than I am (even though he doesn't make money by running a blog) and when I told him that my plan is to find a niche, research keywords, and build a blog based on that (monetizing through Adsense and/or Amazon at first, maybe later through Clickbank and own products), he laughed at me and basically said 'Honey, this is how you made money ten or more years ago, this absolutely does not work anymore'.

    I feel discouraged. I made sure I read info that's not too old (as I said, max 2013-2017), but I guess those people who publish that info are also people who want to make money, so who knows how much you can trust them. What I'm basically looking for from this post is:

    1) Advice- Is my plan really that outdated/bad? To sum it up, I was going to do this:
    - Pick a niche that I'm at least a bit interested in (a niche that's not too big, so for example not just 'beauty'')
    - research keywords for it
    - write a couple of 2000+ articles for that blog (e.g. if one of the keywords I found is 'How to moisturize dry hair' I will write an article about that,including either Adsense or Amazon products, and also a couple of articles without any affiliate stuff)
    - Include Aweber on blog
    - Drive traffic to blog via sites like Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube (I'm not planning to be on camera myself, which might be a downside), Reddit

    2) Any motivation for me? Anyone here making good money with Adsense, Amazon or Clickbank and can tell me more or less what you're doing (obviously you don't have to reveal precious info like what exact niche you're working in etc.)?

  2. back2form

    back2form Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Jul 15, 2012
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    in front of BHW
    Encourage Yourself,
    believe in Yourself,
    & Love Yourself,
    Never doubt who you are!
    Do your BEST,
    Forget the REST!

    #Motivation, #Encouragement
  3. HallLiz

    HallLiz Regular Member

    Mar 5, 2017
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    Self made idiot
    He probably laughed because click bank was ten years ago in a lot (not all) peoples eyes.

    It doesn't matter what year it is you either sell your own products or someone else's or advertise just like the real world.

    Just try and fail it's the only way to success.
    Good luck.
  4. Sharon09

    Sharon09 Registered Member

    Apr 29, 2017
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    Black Hat World
    The idea is not bad
    important thing is how you get traffic to your blog?
    Stay motivated and Good Luck
  5. BloodyNinja

    BloodyNinja Power Member

    Oct 28, 2013
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    blogging is good for two things
    a) learning how online marketing works
    b) establishing yourself or your company as an authority in a specific niche

    IMO the weakest chain of your plan is affiliate stuff. You have to be in top 1% to make $10k+ /month with it. With your own product or service, however, 10k/month is much easier (I am not talking about creating a product from scratch. It is about having more control over a business than an average affiliate has. "The Millionaire Fastlane" book covers this well)

    Also, keep in mind that every product or service has its own optimal distribution channels. If you decide to create an own product, you may have to test multiple distribution channels and it may turn out blogging won't be the best or even working one.
  6. gman777

    gman777 Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Apr 7, 2016
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    @cazzina Fuck motivation dude. You don't need that. You need to be able to stay focused for extended amount of time. Even the best motivation in the world won't help you with that.

    Idk what your friend is rumbling there, but clickbank works just fine. Anyway, it not about CB, that's just an affiliate program, it's about the ability to drive traffic to your sites. CB is alive and kicking. Your friend seems to go on trend, what's hot.

    Now, how many books have you published in those years? If you're experienced in this platform, then don't switch. If you don't succed in kindle, chances are you won't make in any other platform, because you're targeting something competitive.

    You need to perform kw research to identify something with lower competition, or you simply need to do better than your competition. Buy his book, see what he's offering, try to do better than that, make a better Headline, description, shit like that.

    If you see that there's nothing to be improved on, then try to identify a different niche, perform kw research, and lay your eggs.

    Re your blogging sites: you did a big mistake by reading and not taking action in so many months. Also, getting excited is again a red flag, because it will take some time before your blog would kick in(well I believe your excitement is plummeted anyway after so much time). And long tail pro? Is that tool still alive? There are better tools than that.

    P.S: You remind of myself back in 2012-2013.