Feedwordpress In AutoBlog Not Pulling Images,Replicating techchuck

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by BillionareBoysClub, Aug 26, 2009.

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    Jun 22, 2009
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    Allright, so after much self torture i launched a new site at medialunch dot com to test the methods here

    I am using feedwordpress but have a few questions maybe someone can help me with

    1. what am i missing for my topics to also include pictures or videos rather than just static text

    2. I am still unable to duplicate techchuck when my blog posts are clicked on, instead of them going to another page on my site with a bigger summary, it clicks through to where I get the content from

    I want to be able to put adsense and other affiliate links all round

    3. I had to manually go into the index file and add my google adsense banners at the top.

    maxblog ads seems pretty buggy

    4. Is there a link on BH or code that could enable me to go into the files and allow adsense and other affiliated ads to appear next to/between the posts after i am done tweaking my first question on here

    5. If i want to set up seperate pages where feedwordpress is pulling content into those pages and not others, how do I do that

    Looking forward to any help, answers

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    Jul 25, 2009
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    that should help with number 2, but I think what you have to also do is remove any hyperlinks in the posts the only way to do that is to do it manually.

    The picture question is something I want to know too. My way around it is to just go in and input the picture or video manually but I think there is a better way of doing it.

    The other stuff I don't know we are using different plugins.
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    Answers to ur questions 1-5

    1- Wat are you missing ..... i haven't seen your site but it does not matter.... what is important is keywords .... what is the theme of your site, what would you like it to be like... pple like to interact as today the web has become a haven for pple with poor social lives.... if you want to make ur blog different .... try to amke it interactive or feel dynamic .... with a "soul" so to say...

    As for keywords optimize for content you desire... the feeds you are pulling should tell you what you are missing - look thru their sites and try to understand what is going on there......

    2- Your probably not pulling feeds that are "full feeds" you need to find feeds that are full feeds by default if not... search the forum for; how to get content for yuor autoblogs, it speaks about using pipes and blascasta to turn half feeds to full...it will help!

    3- There are plugins available for this--- search wordpress.org/extend/plugins for adsense ... you will be overwhelmed with answers to this minor problem...

    4-again plugins!

    5- Categories!