Feedback on my site. Its a booster for existing blogs, or a place to share content.

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    Ok. This is my first post on the site. I read through the ToS agreement, and I hope I am not doing anything wrong lol. (Was a lot to take in!)

    I put together a website the other week that I have been trying to get off the ground. The purpose of the site is to allow for users to create a free account, and then share images, videos, blogs, music, and even files. Also, the site can be used for existing bloggers to share content from their already existing pages.

    The process starts with a user creating an account. (If the account represents an individual, it is recommended that they sign up with any social media account (or manually entering a desired username), but if the account is going to represent a website, or 'idea', then the user should create an account with their twitter account that represents said site or idea.)

    The user then logs in and edits their profile. In their profile they provide their facebook, twitter, youtube, and g+, details, as well as a short bio, and their website url.

    The user then can add new content.

    For example, if a user is adding content from an existing source, they copy- paste it over, add a featured image (or attached image), put in a few tags, select the category, and then finally, they enter in the url to the original source on their existing blog.

    ---By adding the source, the content now provides a source link back to the site, as well as links all of the social media G+, Likes, and Tweets directly to the original. So all likes accumulated on my site actually stack with the ones that are already on their site. And when a user likes the article, FB displays a like to their blog, not my site.

    When the content is posted, it is now shared on the site, my fb page, and twitter page. Also, the author bio box will have the follow buttons that allow for people to follow said author, again, not following my site, but the social media page that is representing the author.

    The main purpose of the site is to have a a collective area for people to find new content and for authors to get a larger fan base.

    I think it will be a really good service once its up and running. It has just been difficult getting people to hop on board with sharing content. Its free publicity, and all the credit goes to the original authors.

    Also, I know the copy paste method is a bit mundane, but I am working on an API for the site and plug in for wordpress that will allow for content to be shared automatically upon posting on their own site. But that is a few months away yet.

    If you wouldn't mind checking out the site, it is called novoiceless. I can't post a link though. If you have any feedback, please let me know! Or, if you have a blog and want to share on it, feel free.

    The types of content is pretty broad, just no gore or pornography. I'd prefer to keep it clean!

    I have additional details about the goals on the site's "about" page. I would post the details here, but I think I made this one long enough already!