Feedback Loop (by Google) - now google collecting feedback from users

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    To deliver the best experience for our users, we're constantly looking for ways to ensure that search ads on bring users to high-quality and relevant experiences. First and foremost in delivering a good experience is ensuring that landing page websites in ads are trustworthy and safe - so we continually seek to improve our ability to differentiate between high-quality web destinations and those that may pose risks to users.

    We already use many factors to evaluate quality and safety of website landing pages across our search ads - incorporating information we learn from our ad systems in addition to feedback from real users. To give users more opportunities to provide feedback, we created the Feedback Loop extension for Chrome as an experimental way for users to let Google know their opinions about the websites they visit.

    Feedback Loop, which is available for download in the Chrome Web Store, allows you to tell us your opinion on any website you visit. Similar to how we incorporate other human evaluation and feedback to improve the quality of our ad systems, in this experiment we'll screen data for spam and abuse to ensure we're receiving high quality, relevant feedback from users.

    If you would like to participate in the experiment and give direct feedback on sites, with the goal of helping all Google users benefit from safer, more relevant ads, you can install the Feedback Loop Chrome extension by visiting the Chrome Web Store. We're looking forward to hearing your opinions!