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    Guys, here's the deal. Have been shooting my own material for a few years. Latina girls, on location in South America, unknown girls, never seen before, not on any other website, hot, young, some solo but mainly B/G xxx. I am up to around 50 videos and since I am shooting these months will hit 70-80 videos within the next few months.

    So that's the low-down on what I have. Pretty much just trying to make it clear that it's interesting, exclusive, quality stuff. Am fully aware that most will say do not go into that business, but I already am. Except so far it's not really a business in the sense that there's no income, since every single of those videos and photos only sites on my hard drive. Nothing online.

    I've had two different companies work on this. One on customizing a CMS he had already done (or that's what he said who knows) and another who started from scratch but gave up. Short story is that none got the job done.

    I am looking for some feedback on how to go about this. Of course, in the perfect world a fabulous adult webmaster would see the thread and think that's an awsome project, let me get in on that. But short of that happening, just looking for some feedback from some guys who know more than me. See, I know how to meet women, incredibly enough I also know how to get lots of them to do porn. I've got some skill in that department. Plus I can do decent design and video editing. What i can't do at all is program or code worth nada.

    One of the biggest issues here, and the reason I haven't just gone with a cheap Adult CMS, is that I have an obligation to these models to try my best to keep the material out of their part of the world. Sure, there are no guarantees on that, but I have to do the best, which means not allowing downloads and trying to make it too freakin' annoying to get the videos downloaded by use of other ways to do so.

    My basic idea is this:

    - Membership site with a free section with short demo videos.
    - Videos stream and can not be downloaded.
    - Site detects if visitor uses an IP hider/changer (Have seen many sites do this, like various cam sites recognized all IP change pages I know off plus the 4-5 VPN's I have tried)
    - Some sort of watermarking or flashing of members ID on videos while they stream, to discourage from using a live screen grabber (since such thing can not be blocked I believe)
    - Sign up with credir card processor etc, member section with lots of interaction, a forum, comments under models profiles and videos, the producer (me) takes advice and shoots more videos of girls the guys like most, plus models could come online and chat, respond or even do live cam show.

    I am thinking there are basically two ways to go about this:

    1. Have someone set it up with an adult CMS and customize a few security plug ins and codes, plus customize the site a bit further away from the dull look of adult CMS.
    2. Have someone make a CMS from scratch.

    The former would likely be easiest, but I don't know how much can be added to most adult CMS there?

    The latter would probably be the perfect solution, but the question is if that can be done by a quality programmer at a price I can afford?

    I don't need all the advice on not getting into the adult business. I am fully aware there are a gazillion free videos out there. I am a heavy porn user myself :) I also know that since I'm not too poor to spend $30 or $40 sometimes when I find a website with exclusive material and hot girls I have never seen before I do wip out that credit card in a heartbeat. I believe there is some business in quality exclusive content. Especially, probably, if you make it a b!tch pirating your material and putting it on all sorts of tube sites by streaming. Perhaps not even the entire video, but having a 30 minute video split up into 30 videos of 1 minute each streaming one after another without pause. Just some thoughts. Anyway, I'll be doing this one way or the other. I actually enjoy it and I would just like to share the videos online, big money, tiny money or pocket-money, I guess I'll find out.

    But I am dying to hear what some of you pros think.

    - What would YOU do if you had a lot of quality, exclusive material, mainly videos?
    - How would you profit on it?
    - Do I look into an adult CMS and find someone to customize it with mainly some security and blocking features?
    - Do I look for someone to custom-make me a CMS?
    - Am I complete overlooking something?
    - Thought on hosts to stream and host this?
    - People to talk to? Examples to look at?
    - Things to avoid at all cost?

    Any thoughts are welcome.