[feedback] Have you been hit with google over optimization penalty?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by darrensss, Apr 26, 2012.

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    Ok, we know google over optimization penalty has taken effect so if you have been hit please help with the following questions ...

    1) Site age : 10year +

    2) Dropped (pages/positions) : 20 pages

    3) Has the site ever been hit with a Google penalty before : Yes (dropped about 20ish pages a long time ago - over 2 years ago)

    4) Type of site (blog, forum, MFA, standard company site) : Standard company site

    5) Action you are taking : Going to remove <h1> and bolded kw's - possibly rewrite some of the content.

    6) Results : Only taken the action today so will post any results in a few days

    7) Other thoughts on this penalty : I'm not sure if this google update has gone to plan? i did read on another forum that webmasters were saying this is a 3 month roll back? that does not make sense to me although it kinda does on one of my other sites? I have 3 sites all built in the same way and roughly the same SEO methods. 2 sites have been hit and the other is ok (at the moment) the only difference i can see is that the 2 effected sites have both been hit with Googles penalty in the past?