feds close 73,000 blogs~!?!

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    http://torrentfreak.com/u-s-authori...tm_campaign=Feed: Torrentfreak (Torrentfreak)
    the feds shut down 73k blogs and why? well theyre not saying.

    are we really this complicit that we just let them take 73k blogs from somebody??

    If I came and stole your servers so my blogs could keep getting money and say 'oh well, its official business and its super top secret, so ya, no reason for you little man' would that be acceptable? so then how come it is when the guy with the biggest stash of guns does it? is it because we're all whimpering little babies and cant stand up for anything anymore?
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    Getting paid.
    Our government does the bid of its highest bidder. In this case, the MPAA and the RIAA. I'm all for capitalism but outlawing lobbying is really in the best interest of the country. Of course, it will never happen because its not in the best interests of the lobbyists or the corporations that employ them. Hense, this will only get worse.

    Even if the "crime" of copyright infringement were really doing damage to these huge corporations, can anyone HONESTLY say that the resources devoted to this - not to mention the time and attention of the fucking Vice President of the United States - couldn't be better used somewhere more urgent right now? Say, an oil spill in the gulf? An ever-expanding war? An ever-growing deficit? Rampant unemployment? Poverty everywhere?

    Nooo. What's REALLY important is a few kids sharing copies of the new A-Team movie. THAT's the real threat to our country.
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    The story is the hosts response. They not only shutdown the site, but retained the drives because the The Federal Bureau of Intimidation asked. No legal order was involved. Agent Smith saying, "a history of abuse" is apparently enough to put a guy out of business.

    This is going on all over the place with account holder data. Whois privacy is one example. Another would be something like Epass. They simple call and ask and they get it.