FBI raids Texas colocation facility in ***** DDoS probe

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    saw this posted..15 days old but it got me thinking...


    The agent's affidavit seeks permission to probe any of Tailor Made's machines. "Based on my experience and training, I know that companies providing co-location facilities do not always label or externally identify the computer servers at their facilities with their IP address," the document notes.
    "Once the desired computer system has been identified, no other computer systems will be checked."

    should it be legal to check any/all systems on a network to possibly find one person?

    comment i saw

    Can someone tell me how this is not akin to the FBI obtaining a search warrant for an entire neighborhood and then saying..

    "Ok, we're going to search each and every house in this neighborhood for the gun used in a murder. We'll only search until we find the house hiding the weapon, after that no other houses will be checked."

    How can this even be considered reasonable?

    better link: http://www.thesmokinggun.com/documents/internet/affidavit-details-fbi-operation-payback-probe
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