Fb like jacker: some questions.

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    Jul 3, 2014
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    Hi guys,

    There is anyone that has some experience with facebook like jackers?

    I have tried one of them this week and I have reached incredible results.

    I have a 10.000 fan page with a great number of comments and likes. I have also a like-based campaign active on it and in these days I have obtained: 300 likes a day with likejacker, 30 a day with the campaign and 30 a day with the like box.

    My question is only one: I know guys who make 2000 likes a day with the likejacker and have no comments and few like to their posts, and they have never been banned from facebook. Sometimes it happens that facebook put a confirm button in their like box to stop like jacking.

    These persons work with viral fan page. For me it's different: my fan page it's about my blog and I don't want to risk a block by facebook and the cancellation of my page.

    Do you have some experience? Do you think that my small numbers are safe and I risk only a confirm button in case?


    Ok, I know, there will be someone of you that will say "stop the script, it's a wrong thing" for sure . Please, notice that my question is different: does it exist a safe margin where the fb like jacker can work without too much risk?