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    Dec 2, 2010
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    ok, i have one FB account that i have been using for adult stuff. and one system is working.

    need to have a very sexy profile with some soft pics. (i had some pics that have been removed from fb for being too sexy:))

    we tell all our friends that you going to make a cam show/video show on your site.

    here is the money part we lock it. then their get on the site and can watch the video of the girl.

    just find some pics of a girl with a amateur video its better if it was recorded with a webcam.

    This is just a simple system that you can twist, i dont do facebook anymore because i have got into SEO and also i dont like to promote adult stuff very much.

    maybe it can help some of you guys. Also you guys want to buy my old FB accounts just pm me, i dont use them anymore