FB Ads For Print On Demand Products. How to target professions + Interest?


Dec 20, 2017
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Hi everyone,

I created this post to ask for an advice or to find a guide. I hope this is a right subforum. I am learning to sell POD products online. My design idea is simple: profession + interest/hobby like nurses who like sewing, police officers who like fishing, firefighter-fitness and so far.

However, when it comes to Facebook ads, I am bit confused when targeting professions, because audiences are quite small:
For example:
Interest Police Officer has 8M people, but I do not target these and go for a Job Title, Field of Studies, Employers Police, Police Officer, Cop and all other suggestions with only potential 220k reach as I believe it is more accurate.
Then I narrow 220k to Fishing Interest and I get audience of about 70k people. Some online videos I have watched recommend to test POD or dropshipping products with an audience close to 2-3M people or even 5M. So according that, 70k reach is a quite small audience. Or is it enough in my case, because I target a specific profession?

Should I have separate FB ad accounts for every profession or interest to build conversion pixel correctly?