FB Ads for Keto, Nutra or Bizop offers, anyone doing it?


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Sep 20, 2018
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Hey guys,

Do we need fresh reputed fb accounts to run these ads - because if we do it from our original account that can ban our account, is this correct?

The main funda in here is to run fb ads on low cpc with good audience on a good converting offer, is anyone doing that people for sure will be doing it but I don't know it that is why asking in here.

Wanted to know more about this, let me know if anyone know about it.
Most of those offers / landing pages are IFFY and I wouldn't personally promote them directly. You'd be better off writing a free tutorial on the subject/niche and offering it as a bribe to get people on your e-mail list, then sell them via email outside of FB. Then you don't need to worry about getting banned.

I wouldn't touch "make money niche" unless you're promoting something that is 100% legit and upfront about what it is, what it will cost, how often people will charge and how people can cancel or get a refund.

Same thing goes for weight loss.

You can do it with your own account.... though people that go big, normally have a supplier of accounts and they also cloak just to be safe.

However like i said above, if you promote legit stuff and your ads are upfront and the landing page is compliant then you don't need to cloak or use virgin accounts.
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