FB accounts/group under attack, help?

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    I am in an almost-exclusive niche that is a "gray-area"

    i.e. It's not illegal (yet) but it really feels like it should be

    As such, I don't use my real FB account, but instead use 4 different phone verified accounts (using SIM cards that I actually own), and have been using for almost a year.

    I have a single competitor, and we both have (closed) facebook groups. Both our groups are filled with regular customers, approaching 5000 members each, with a lot of members being in both groups.

    We usually encounter each other spamming the same places in facebook, that I recognize his fake FB accounts.

    He's plays pretty dirty, with having several accounts make "claims" about orders not arriving, some claim I stole their credit card details after they ordered, or just plain calling me a scammer. But I recognize those accounts later spamming his group somewhere else.

    A few months ago, I started getting "verify your facebook account" roadblocks regularly (weekly, sometimes twice a week), which I usually completed quickly by verifying some code they sent to me via SMS.

    Then suddenly, both admins of my group suddenly got required to have ID verification (despite being okay for almost a year). This literally killed my group (no admins got left, and the EXACT same day I got both suspended, my competitor spammed his group's link in my group, and later everyone started leaving because no one deleted the "virus links" with porn pics and spammers selling raybans, etc.)

    AND my other 2 spamming accounts also got required ID verification. ALL on the same day.

    I'm not sure how this happened just in one day (as both admin accounts use different IP addresses, and don't spam. And my 2 other spamming accounts use different IPs themselves as well). Mass reporting? I've tried reporting his accounts, but I got nowhere with that.

    And I'm pretty sure it's an attack, because my most popular youtube video with a couple of hundred thousand views all-organic (that links to my sales site in the description) also got deleted for "spam" within the week. Meanwhile his FB accounts (spammers and all) are all okay, even his most popular youtube video (that links to his FB group) with similar amount of views remains. Not sure how he did this either, I tried reporting his video and nothing happened even after a few weeks.

    I've got the contacts of many of my FB group members and could probably start a new group from scratch, but how would I protect my group from getting all the admins "attacked" again?
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