Favorite Anitivirus Software?

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May 9, 2009
Just thought i'd get some expert opions before I go crazy and download a bad one, upgraded to windows 7 last week. Then last night I stupidly didn't even check an online scanner of an exe file and got a virus, did a system restore so all is good.. just for the future!

In the past i've been using AVG & Spybot search and destroy

Whats your favorite? What do you have installed on your pc?
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I like kaspersky
I had uninstalled it but I am going to install it again
and yes
spy bot too
use anti with spybot
works gr8
Avast and AVG are both very good and also free. I used to use AVG but now I use Avast as it's a little more user friendly.
Hands down: Webroot Spy Sweeper. I've had this for 3 years with absolutely no problems. stops viruses and anything else in its tracks. also uses little resources. easy to use. don't even mess with the rest. when installed spy sweeper, it found things that the other programs missed. no false positives either like with PC Tools, etc.
I've had several friends who have gotten viruses lately and they got Spy Sweeper. Increased speed and cleaned their whole system.
AVG Free does not pick up ANYTHING besides tracking cookies. Don't bother with it. I learned that the hard way :p.
there is one that I have just tried called vipre, from sunbelt software. Not a free one, but it has a free trial like most of the others. So far, in a month of use, I'm sticking with it.
If you're bored with all the same old companies, might give it a try.
Don't judge an AV by what it stops, Judge it by what it doesn't stop. Your AV doesn't tell
you when it lets something through does it? I swear by all-seeing eye by fortego security.
It's free and it doesn't stop malware but it asks permision before any process is changed
on my pc and it is totally impossible to fool as the alarm is set off by process changes not rouge code.
couple that along with TCP view from sysinternals to see all the traffic in and out of my pc
I'm pretty much bullet proof. Which is better than spending a fortune on something
that is relativly useless.
AVG sucks big time...kaspersky is the best.
But the keys become a bit of a problem..they get blacklisted very often..using nod32 now...quite good.

Just go to the official site..download the latest version and use the User & Pass from the site below. Enjoy!:)
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